January Faves 2019 ๐Ÿ™Œ

Hey Guys!

 Happy new year! It's time for my first favourites of the year. So January is over and holy moly did it seem to go on forever. It's been a month of ups and downs from getting a new job to failing my driving test. Its been a fairly busy month with quite a lot going on so let's get get in to all the things I have loved in January 2019.

Fave Mem of The Month

Okay so first up is my 'Fave Mem of the Month' this is where I share my fave memory from the month. A while ago me and my friend Shannon bought my friend Emily tickets to see The Wombats and this had finally come round. So my favourite memory of the month was going to this concert with them. I love The wombats and we had an amazing time seeing them in Leeds, we also went to Turtle Bay for food and cocktails before which was lovely.

Pinnacle Products of The Month
 Next up in the monthly faves is the product section and this could be anything from makeup, to hair to skincare just all the products I have recently been reaching for. 

The first thing I have been loving this month is the Japanese Matcha Tea Face Mask from the Body Shop. My skin is always a little dry and dull at this time of year and this mask has been a lifesaver. After using it my skin felt so soft and refreshed. It's also amazing for blackheads.

Another product I have been loving this month is the Bubblegum Lip Scrub from Lush. I have most likely mentioned this product before here on my blog as I have loved this for a while and repurchased it many times but as with my skin my lips are also crazy dry at this time of year so again I have been reaching for this.

Finally the last product I wanted to mention is the Lush Magic Wand Bubble Bar. This is a Christmas product so may not be available anymore but it smells amazing. I love the snow fairy scent and it brings a little sparkle to my baths during the darker months. My skin also feels so smooth after I use this.

Music Faves

 As I went to a concert this month I have been listening to a lot of The Wombats. I have always loved their music but had been playing it a little more frequently in the build up to the concert. I have also been listening to Catfish & The Bottlemen's new song 'Longshot'.

 Fashion Faves

As for fashion this past month I have been loving both chunky cardigans and snake print. In particular this chunky cardigan from new look and this snake print shirt from Matalan.

 The Random Ones

 The only thing in the random part of my favourites is my 2019 Planner, I picked this up from TK Maxx and I LOVE it it makes organising things so much easier. It comes with the cutest little set of stickers.

That's everything I have to talk about for my January Faves. Hope you enjoyed having a little look at all the things I have been loving over the past month. 

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