January Fresh Starts & New Beginnings 🏁💙

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January is well and truly here and along with this comes the annual January blues. I know this is pretty common for a lot of people and it is something that personally gets me every year, the come down from the Christmas period leaves me feeling deflated and unmotivated. However, January is the best time to be productive as it is a fresh start and a new beginning. So I thought for today's post I would share a little list of things that help me get through any down patches in January and keep motivation high.

1) Deep Clean

Something I find helps me feel motivated is having a clean and tidy environment around me. So I find having a big tidy / clean in January really helps put me in a productive mind set. Is also the perfect time to have a clear out and a fresh start for the new year.

2) Set Goals

Next I think setting some goals for the year is the perfect thing to do at the start of a new year as it gives you something to work towards and knowing you are working towards a goal will also help to keep you motivated. I think setting goals is also so fun as you can literally pick anything you want and it so exciting to think you will have done those things by the end of the year. 

3) Focus on What Makes You Happy
 I think this one is deffo not just for January but is so important all year round. DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY! Again this is just so vital for feeling happy and motivated. This could be anything but some examples for me is seeing my friends and family, blogging and booking days out or trips so I have things to look forward too.

4) Get Inspired

Another way of getting out of a 'rut' unmotivated mind set is to look for inspiration in people you look up too or enjoy. This could be anyone from a blogger you love or a fitness youtuber or even just watching people who are sharing positive vibes to help you cheer yourself up. I think this really helps to cheer you up and get you going again.

5) Plan your year

Finally the last thing on my list is planning. I love getting a new planner every year as this is just something I get very excited about. I love being organised and feel as though I am a million times more productive when I have my weeks and months planned. Its also a chance to be creative and make your planner pretty and personal to you. TK Maxx have some amazing planners and would totally recommend checking them out if you want to get one.

So that's all for my list of things I use to give myself a little kick up the butt when the downs of January start to get to me. Overall I do love January I think its a good starting point for you to just start smashing the goals which you have wanted to do for while but not really known when to start.  So I hope you enjoyed reading and that it may help anyone else who might find themselves feeling a little deflated in this month.

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