2019 GOALS! ✨

Hey Guys!

So it's officially 2019! I am so excited to see what the new year brings and I hope you all had an amazing 2018. For today's post I thought I would share with you my goals for the new year and the things I hope to achieve in 2019. 

1) Savings 

My first goal is pretty simple I spent most my savings last year on my driving lessons so this year I would like to start saving again to eventually be able to afford my own house and move out. I understand how expensive this is and that it will take time so I am in no major rush but I would just like to properly start saving for my future.

2) Health & Fitness Goals

I feel like this goal needs no explanation as I'm sure it will be on nearly everyone 2019 goal list but I always slack when it comes to the gym and being healthy when the end of the year comes around so I would love to jump back in to the gym and get back on track to achieve my fitness goals.

3) Blogging

I have also been neglecting my blog quite a bit and so this year I would really love to put a lot more time and effort in to it and hopefully be blogging more consistently all year round. I also need to be a little more active on my socials and would love to just generally grow my blog in 2019.
4) Family & Friends 

This goal is a super important one for me as I get so caught up with daily life that sometimes I find it hard to make time to see my loved ones as much as I would like. So in 2019 I would really love to focus on the relationships I have in my life and ensure they all get the time they deserve.
5) Work Work Work
My next goal is completely work related I have bounced around a few jobs now and I am at a point where I just want to find a job that really works for me that I can grow and progress in. Therefore I would love to start a new job in 2019 which I can settle in to and hopefully develop a career out of.
6) Self Care 

Next up is self care, by this I mean that I would like to make a little more effort with my appearance in 2019. Just little things like getting my nails done and maintaining my eyebrows make me feel so much better about myself so doing that is something I want to try and keep up with. I also want to continue to experiment with makeup and hopefully get a lot better at it.
7) Things I Want To Buy

Finally my last goal for the new year is to hopefully buy a car. I have been working so hard on my driving in 2018 and I have my test a the end of this month so I would love to be able to get a car. I have also been wanting a tattoo for the longest time so I would love to get this in the new year as well. 

So that's all my goals for 2019 I hope you enjoyed reading about them, I would love to know if you guys have set any goals for the new year so please let me know if you have. I hope 2019 brings many amazing things. 

Thanks for Reading!


  1. Good luck with your goals in 2019! The main goal I set myself this year is to be more consistent with my blog x


  2. All the best for 2019 lovely! You can achieve anything you put your mind to! :)