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As the colder days and dark evenings are now upon us I find that there's nothing better than a cosy night in snuggled up in blankets. As this is how I have been spending most of my evenings I thought I would share with you guys a list of my essential items to have the ultimate cosy night in.I also thought this would the perfect post  as it truly is the season for a cosy night in.

1) Pillows & Blankets and Lot's of them
So first up in the line up for the dream cosy night in is pillows and blankets. There is nothing better than snuggling up with a fluffy throw and a bunch of pillows after a long day. So these  are most definitely an essential.

2) A Favoured Hot Beverage 
A hot beverage is also great for making you feel toasty warm but is also a delicious treat. This could be anything from a good old brew to a fancy hot chocolate.

3) Cosy PJ's 
Some comfy pyjamas are also a must, being comfortable is essential so of course slipping in to your fave pj's will achieve ultimate comfort and help you enter chill mode. 

4) Candles & Fairy Lights 
Scented candles and pretty fairy lights are an amazing way of creating that cosy atmosphere and the scented candles will also leave your house smelling delightful.

5) Netflix or A Movie 
Now comes to the entertainment, I love a Christmas movie as this creates immediate cosy vibes for me personally however depending on the time of year you are reading this that may not be totally acceptable so in that case you could always watch your fave movie or binge some Netflix.

6) A Good Old Lush Bath
A cosy night in for me just isn't complete until I have had a little soak in a Lush bath. Any bath will do but for me nothing compares to Lush especially in the Autumn Winter months. 

7) All the Snacks 
Grab a bunch of your fave snacks to graze on whilst watching your chosen TV show or movie.  

So that's all of my recommendations when it comes to the essentials to have the perfect cosy night in, I would love to know how you guys prepare for a cosy night in after a long day in the cold so do let me know below. 

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