How to keep your pet Happy & Safe on Bonfire Night 🐢πŸ”₯

Hey Guys!

Bonfire Night is such fun magical night of the year filled with amazing bonfires and crazy fireworks. However some of our more fluffy friends may not enjoy this night as much as we do. My dog doesn't actually struggle massively with the noise on bonfire night as she's pretty chill however I know that some pets get super nervous and scared. So I thought this would be a cute little post where I can share with you guys a few things I do to keep my pet happy and safe when the fireworks and bonfires come out with a bang.

So here's a few tips and trips to keeping your pet safe and happy for when the fireworks are in full swing!

1) When taking your pet out for walks try and go during the day when it's light outside as there is likely to be less fireworks at this time (If you have a cat try and keep them inside as much as possible)

2) Close windows and pull on the curtains to try and block out the noise of the fireworks. 

3) Create a few hiding places in quiet areas of your house so your pet has areas to go to and feel safe.

4) Play music or have the TV on to create some familiar noise to block out the noise of the fireworks.

5) Leave internal doors open so your pet doesn't feel trapped and can move around the house in the areas they are used to. 

So this post was a little random and was a little short but I thought I would just share these five handy tips with you guys on how to keep your pet safe and happy on bonfire night so that if your pet gets nervous at this time of year this post may help you cheer them up. 

Thanks For Reading!

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