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So this year once of my goals was to go Cruelty Free with my makeup. Now I have tried to stick to this where possible however I do still have some products in my collection which aren’t cruelty free but seen as they have been bought for me as gifts or I already have them I don’t want to waste them by throwing them away. So my plan is to keep those products until they are used up and then make sure that any new purchases I make are cruelty free. Due to this I have been constantly on the hunt for brands which are cruelty free and sell some amazing products so for today’s post I thought I would put together a list o my favourite go-to brands which are cruelty free. 

So first up is the brands which if I am in need of some new makeup I check out what they have. Of course all the brands I mention in this post will be cruelty free. 

The first brand which I swear by is Kat Von D cosmetics. I own quite a few products from this brand now and I genuinely am yet to be disappointed I love everything I have tried so far. I especially love the eye shadow palettes and the everlasting liquid lipsticks. However, I also have the Lock it foundation and the tattoo liner which I also love.  I am also looking to get my hands on some of the brow products as they look really amazing. As for the price range this brand is available in Debenhams and is higher end in terms of price point but I honestly think the products are worth the money.

Next up when it comes to getting some new makeup I would always look what NYX Cosmetics has to offer. This is probably my overall favourite makeup brand and the one I shop at the most. I have tried so much stuff from this brand from the liquid lipsticks, to the glitters, to the glitter glue and a variety of their eyeliners and I again love everything. NYX is actually a drugstore brand and is available in Boots making it super accessible and really affordable but the products are of such a high quality. The epic ink liner from NYX is also an amazing dupe for the Kat Von D tattoo liner.

Finally the last go to makeup brand I want to mention is Revolution. This brand is CRAZY affordable and again I have tried quite a few products now and love everything. This brand can be found in Superdrug and I’m not exaggerating when I say crazy affordable. The quality of the products is insane and they are also known for making dupes for some higher end products as well. The main things I love from this brand would be the eye shadow palettes they are so amazing for the price, I love the setting powders and the highlighters are also incredible. I also use both the Fast Base foundation stick and the Pro-full cover camouflage foundations and love them. I have also heard great things about the foundation drops. 

As for skincare I have two brands which I love, the first being Superdrug! They actually do their own range of products which are cruelty free. I love both the Natural Radiant and Vitamin E ranges of skin care. My staple products would be the Vitamin E facial scrub and the natural radiant Glycolic Toner. 

Next a new brand I have been trying out is The Ordinary. I have both a few makeup and skincare Items and the primer is also amazing. They do a crazy range of skincare products which are also fairly affordable.  So I will be for sure trying out some more stuff from them.

The next two brands are going to be the final brands I talk about but they are in my opinion the cruelty free classics and are just great all rounder’s for all your beauty needs.  

The first iconic brand I want to mention is Lush. Now I’m sure this brand needs no introduction as they are like the cult cruelty free brand and I’m sure they would be on everyone’s go to list? I love pretty much everything from lush from lotions, to skincare, to shaving cream. Of course their bath and shower products are to die for and I still to this day do not think you can beat a Lush bath in the autumn /winter months. I could go on forever about products from Lush as there is so many I love but I will list a few of my all time faves, starting with the  Intergalactic Bath Bomb, Sparkly Pumpkin bath melt, Snow white bath bomb, D’Fluff Strawberry shaving cream, Vanillary Perfume and the Tea Tree toning water. 

Finally the last brand I want to chat to you guys is also another cult classic which is The Body Shop. Again I feel like there’s not much to say about this brand that hasn’t already been said a million times but their products are amazing and they offer again a wide variety of products. They have some really great makeup products but I’m a sucker for both their skincare and body products. A few of my absolute faves would be the camomile cleansing butter, The body yoghurt's are to die for and I also love their shower gels.  I also love their glazed apple scent they bring out a Christmas and the pina colada is amazing for the summer months. I also love both the Strawberry and Moringa scent ranges for all year round.

So that’s all the brands I have been using during my venture to turn cruelty free with my makeup. I hoped this may have helped any of you who are worried about changing to cruelty free due to a lack of choice, or if you are already cruelty free may inspire you to check out a few of the products I have been loving from these awesome brands. 

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