Five Reasons I Can't Wait for Fall / Autumn ๐Ÿ‚

Hey Guys!

I’m back with another post and I know what you might be thinking, Wow an autumn post already Beth Jeez we are only a few days in to September. I know it might be slightly early but I am genuinely way to excited for the next couple of months. As you may know I love the autumn and winter so much and we are heading in to the last months of the year which just brings so much joy to me. So I thought seen as summer is pretty much over and autumn is well on its way I would do a little post of a few things I can’t wait to experience in autumn 2018.

1)      The Food

Ok so first up one of the things I can’t wait for in autumn is the food. I love cosy nights in and the food that comes with it. Autumn calls for the returns of homemade soups stews and roast dinners which are just the ultimate comfort foods and I am way to excited to come in from cold days in the autumn leaves to tuck in to some amazing meals. I also find myself baking a heck of a lot in the autumn months meaning a crap ton of cupcakes, Biscuits and cookies will be coming my way and let’s be honest who doesn’t love a sweet treat. Finally the Pumpkin Spice Latte makes its annual comeback and I am a massive fan but also hot beverages in general are way more enjoyable from amazing hot choc to a good old brew (In case you are unsure what I mean by brew, I’m referring to a cup of tea)

2)      Autumn decor & Amazing scents

This is I think the thing I am the most excited for I LOVE autumn scents so much which is why I always go slightly candle crazy when the season changes. I love sweet scents, pumpkin scents and just crisp autumn apple scents and I can’t wait to fill my house with some stunning autumnal candles. Candles aside I also love autumn decor in general, it makes a home so cosy. I love leaf bunting, woodland themes, blankets everywhere and of course some pumpkins dotted around. I have a ton of Pinterest posts that I am dying to try out to make my room in peak autumnal cosy condition.

3)      HALLOWEEN!

I don’t actually think this one requires much explanation as if you know me you will know I am obsessed with Halloween. I think it is so fun and I love everything from decorating my house, to carving pumpkins, to having parties / Movie nights with my pals. I also love coming up with a costume and creating it as well as playing around with different make up looks. Halloween films are also one of the highlights of my autumnal period; you can’t beat a cosy night in with your pals filled with Halloween town, Hocus Pocus and a few horrors thrown in to the mix. Again I love baking Halloween themed things and Halloween is the perfect excise to indulge in some sweet treats. We also head to Scarefest at Alton Towers which is always great fun. 

4)      Pumpkin Picking 

Next up is Pumpkin Picking; this is something I love to do every year and is honestly probably the thing I look forward to the most every year. Me and my friends or family head out every year to our local farm and we pick ourselves a bunch of pumpkins. It’s a great day and there are tons to do. It’s hella pretty so I also get loads of photos.

5)      The Fashion

Finally the last thing I am looking forward to this autumn is the fashion. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love jumpers, jeans, boots and flannel shirts. I feel like autumn fashion is just the best so comfy, cosy and warm and easy to style. I can’t wait to get myself a new coat and a few new additions to my wardrobe for the cooler months. 

I could honestly go on forever about why I can’t wait for autumn / fall but so I wasn’t here rambling forever I thought I would just pick my top five things I am looking forward too. I’m sure I will be back with a hell of a lot of autumn content over the next couple of months and I am way to excited to start posting.  Anyhow, I hoped you enjoyed reading this and if your just like me and can’t wait for the fall/autumn I would love to see if you have any seasonal content  so please do let me know and if your still grieving the summer then I do apologise for hyping up the colder months so soon. 

Thanks For Reading!

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