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Hey Guys!
I know I literally say this everytime I write a favourites post but what the actual hell how is it September, I am not complaining as we are about to head straight in to the Autumn which is my absolute fave time of year but honestly where has this year gone! Anyhow it's that time again where I chat to you guys about all the things I have been loving over the past month. So lets get in to the post.

Fave Mem of The Month
Okay so first up is my 'Fave Mem of the Month' again I covered this in my July Faves post but this is where I thought it would be hella cute to share my fave memory from the month. Hands down my fave august memory was Leeds Festival with my friends. We went for the Saturday and I got to see Fall Out Boy which were sooooo great. Overall I just had a really fab time spending the day with my friends getting glittered up and watching some really amazing acts. 

Pinnacle Products of The Month
 Next up in the monthly faves is the product section and this could be anything from makeup, to hair to skincare just all the products I have recently been reaching for. 

My trusty Lasting Perfection concealer ran out this month and as I went on auto pilot to repurchase this I stopped for a sec and thought I have literally stuck with this concealer for so long and even though it is a really great product I thought I would try a new one to see if it matched up. So I headed over to the Superdrug website to have a look for a new one and that's when I saw the MUA Pro Base concealer. Now I was quite sceptical at first as this product is literally £2.50 which is hella cheap. However I had been pretty impressed with MUA's products so I thought I would give it a go anyway. So I tried this product and I am not joking when I say I haven't put it down since every time I have done my makeup I have reached for this it is soooo good. The coverage is great and it has such a nice creamy formula which is so easy ans smooth to blend out. I really love this product and really can't believe it is so affordable.

Next up I was looking for a new powder as I had been having some bad experiences with a few powders I was using as they kept altering the shade of my base makeup and coming out way too dark on my skin so I picked up the Revolution Baking Powder in Lace and this works perfectly it does have a colour but it is perfect for my pale skin with it being a very light colour I also find that It doesn't have the yellow tone that most powders have. It sits great on my skin and sets my makeup in place leaving it with such a nice finish. The only downfall in my opinion is the packaging as you have to pour it out and it is a loose powder so this can sometimes get messy. But overall I love this powder and it has also made its way in to my everyday makeup bag. 

Music Faves

This months music faves haven't changed too much as I am still listing to Panic! at the Disco and Fall Out Boy pretty much non stop however there are a couple of new faves I have been listening too. You Me At Six are getting ready to launch a new album and have released a few singles. I am in love with every single one they have released so am very excited for the new album. I also discovered a new band whilst at Leeds Fest who I love. They are called Waterparks and I have been loving their music lately also. 

Fashion Faves  
This month has been all about festival fashion items for me. I ended up finding this cute bumbag from a small independent stall in my local shopping centre and it was only £8 which is so affordable. You can also swipe the sequins so you can switch the colours between black and this greeny/blue vibe and I love it. 

Fave Insta Account of the Month
As I'm sure most people are I am constantly on instagram I love using the app and its one of my fave things to do so that inspired me to feature an account I have been obsessing over each month. This month it has hands down been @ew_its_alexis. This account belongs too my stunning friend Alexis and she has been travelling lately and I have been dying over her travel shots. He general insta feed is also hella cute. Here's a few of her snaps and a link to their account if you want to check her out:

 The Random Ones
Now I know I said I wanted to make my faves a little less random however this just wouldn't be me if I cut out the randomness completely so I thought let’s give them their own little section so they don't take over the whole post - Think of it as organised chaos.

I haven't actually got too many random faves this month but the first of the random faves I do have is these Peckish Rice Crackers in the sour cream and chive flavour. I have been loving this as I am a massive savoury person when it comes to snacks and these have been a great option for me as they are quite low calorie. They also taste amazing. 

 Finally the last thing I have loved this month is this Planner which I picked up from TK Maxx. I have had this since the start of the year but have really got back in to using it this month. It is so pretty and is great for staying organised when it comes to my blog and just life in general. 

That's everything I have to talk about for my August Faves. Hope you enjoyed having a little look at all the things I have been loving over the past month. 

Thanks For Reading!

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