Little Autumn Collective Haul 🎃🍂

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Today's post is a little autumnal home ware haul with a couple of random autumn themed bits that I found whilst out and about thrown in. I visited a few shops including Asda, TK Maxx and a couple of bargain shops to look for some Halloween / Autumn themed bits and bobs for my home. When I hit the shops it was around mid September so there wasn't really too much out however, I hope to make a visit to a Homesense near me and visit a few more shops in October to get some more stuff. 

The First thing I picked up were these cute AF socks from New Look. They were just screaming my name after I was in there picking up a few clothing bits and I had to get them. The socks were actually on three pairs for £5 but I just got these ones so they cost me £2.49.

 Next I popped in to my local TK Maxx to see what home stuff they had to offer. I picked up this stunning light up ceramic pumpkin which was £4.99. I also got two of the candles, The first being Pure Pumpkin by DW Home this candle was £2.99 it a lovely orange jar with a foiled gold and Orange lid and it's a really nice sweet spicy pumpkin scent . The other candle I picked up is also by DW Home and is part of their Woodland Grove range this one is a rustic orange colour with a wooden lid. The wick on this candle is also different and has a crackling effect when burned which is really cute also. This one was £3.99 and has a much more woody spicy pumpkin scent. As I said I visited my local TK Maxx so the home ware section isn't the best but I do hope to go to a homesense very soon so I hope they will have much more choice.

 The next place I headed was Asda, I swear by their bedding all year round as it is amazing quality and so affordable but when it comes to Autumn and Winter they honestly hit the nail on the head every time. They bring out such cute designs and I love them. This year I picked up this cute woodland themed one which is reversible and has hedgehogs on one side and a mixture of woodland creatures on the other. It is brushed cotton which is so cosy and for the double bedding it cost me £17 which I think is amazing for a high quality brushed cotton duvet set. I have a lot of the bedding sets from here and I find that a lot of them are reversible and I just think that's so good as it gives you two designs to choose from.

Finally I picked up a few random bits from some other stores. As I was wandering around Primark I found this super cute hand sanitiser in Autumn Lights this has a warm sweet scent to it and I love having hand sanitisers around and of course the autumn scent is a bonus. It was also only £1. I then headed to the bargain shops the ones I went to were Poundland and B&M. I got this candle from B&M which smells fresh and crisp with a hint of pumpkin, It is in the scent Autumn and was £3.99. Finally I got these fairy lights from pound land which are just white lights with little pearl stars on them. Again they are hella cute and were £1.

That's everything I picked up for this little Autumn haul but I am hoping to pick up some more bits soon, I will also be doing an Autumnal Look book this year with some cute fashion pieces and will also do a seasonal room tour later in the season so keep your eyes peeled for those up coming posts. 

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My Wanderlust List 🌍✨

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I have been obsessing over travel accounts on Instagram lately and it honestly makes me so jealous I'm not travelling. There is soo many places I want to visit so I thought I would do a Wanderlust List about all the places I'm dying to visit. 

Edinburgh - Scotland

So the first place I am dying to visit is Edinburgh in Scotland, I have never been to Scotland and it is not too far from home so It is deffo somewhere I would love to see. I would love to go around Christmas time as I have heard that the Christmas market is out of this world. I am even considering a little trip here later this year but I haven't planned anything just yet so we will have to wait and see what happens.

Algarve - Portugal

Next up is The Algarve in Portugal I have again wanted to go here for a little while now. It looks stunning in all the photos I have seen. After speaking to people who have been it just seems like the perfect summer getaway destination filled with sun, sand and sea and I would love to experience it myself. It seems to have a bit of something for everyone with its pretty old town views and modern new town.

I would love to visit Sweden some day! Filled with it's stunning views and amazing culture I would really enjoy getting to have a little explore around. The food and drink is also meant to be great.

York -England

Now this one isn't exactly somewhere I haven't been before I have been to York many times since being a very small human but it just holds a super special place in my heart and I love going so much that I just had to include it on this list. It is filled with amazing shops and the cutest little streets from the shambles to the castles dotted around its just such a lovely place to visit so I will deffo be going back at some point.


 I have made quite a few friends from various parts of China over the past year as they were studying here at Leeds University. I got to show them around my home country and would love to be able to visit China for them to do the same. It also looks hella pretty and I am a massive fan of Chinese food.


Another place I would love to visit is Japan. I am a bit of a nerd when it comes to games etc and this is the place to be if you love stuff like that. They have a Pokemon centre which sounds fab and honestly I would just love to experience the culture as it is so different from England.

Florida, LA, New York - America

 The next place on my list is America but lets be real here who's list is America not on. I honestly feel like most of England wants to see America at some point but genuinely I would love to go for so many reasons from the amazing food to the shopping. They also take 'Fall'/Halloween very seriously which I LOVE and would love to experience this as its not too crazy over in England and Autumn/Halloween is my absolute fave time of year. Disney and Universal is also a must when seeing America. In particular I would love to see Florida, Los Angeles and New York.

Cologne - Germany

Next I really hope I can plan some kind of trip to Cologne in Germany, They have the most stunning architecture I have ever seen and it is such a vibrant city life I would love to see for myself. They are also home to Gamescon which (Sorry for nerding out again) is such a massive convention for all things games and I would really love to go to this event.

Perth - Australia

Subsequently the next place on my list is Perth in Australia. I actually have quite a lot of Family in Australia so it would be amazing to see them. I would also love to see the wildlife and koalas have been one of my fave animals for so long and its on my bucket list to hold one and this is deffo the destination for that.

Santorini - Greece

Finally the last place on my Wanderlust list is Santorini in Greece. This place has the most perfect aesthetic from the pristine white buildings to the bright blue ocean to the infinity pools overlooking the most stunning sunsets. Not only is this probably one of the most instagramable places on the earth but the warm sunny days are just calling my name.

So that's the top places I would love to visit I could have added more but we would literally be here forever. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and if you have been to any of these places or have some places you are dying to visit I would love to know!

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Kat Von D Makeover / My Friends 21st Birthday 🖤👯‍♀️

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So it was recently one of my closest girls 21st Birthday! She’s called Shannon and also has a blog which you should check out!  We have been friends since for around 15 years and I have known her pretty much all my life. I thought it would be pretty cool to do a post here on my blog about how we celebrated her 21st birthday seen as it was such a great weekend. Also we got our makeup done at the Kat Von D counter and I thought I woulds share my experience.

We headed out for a spot of shopping and pampering. We hit a few shops and got our eyebrows done with the lovely Sofina at Benefit in our local Debenhams.  After this we went back to Shannon's and watched a few Harry Potter films with wine and snacks.


It was then Saturday which is the day of Shannon’s 21st birthday party. So then began the party prep we spent the day drinking rose and prepping for the night ahead. We had actually booked to get out makeup done at the Kat Von D counter at our local Debenhams which again was super exciting. All the people who worked at the counter were just lovely and the girls that did our makeup were AMAZING!I got my makeup done by Abi who was amazing she was so friendly and asked me questions about how I liked my makeup and what I was going for. You can find her insta here. I asked for a warm toned look with liner and this is what she came up with and I loved it so much. As for the cost you simply buy two products and this will cover the cost of the makeover. I got two of the liquid lipsticks in the shades Plaith and Ludwig. I absolutely had the best experience and would totally recommend if you live near Leeds to head to the Kat Von D counter in the White rose Centre if you have any makeup needs. 

We then headed back to Shannon’s to finish getting ready and then headed off to the party. The party was amazing and we had so much fun!

Overall we had such an incredible time and I am so happy that Shannon had a good time celebrating her 21st birthday. I know this post was slightly random but this was such a fun weekend and I thought a blog post would be the perfect way to capture the moment so I have something to look back on. It’s also got me crazy excited as I’ll be turning 21 later this year so I hope to have another great time celebrating that.

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Autumn Pinterest Inspo / DIY’S / Recipes I Want to Try 🍂

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I have been getting in to the autumn spirit lately and when this happens it’s like I am on auto-pilot and end up spending most of my evenings scrolling down Pinterest. Pinterest is a site where you can make different boards and add images, posts and a whole lot of other amazing things under them and it is a great place to look for inspo but also to share and discover different peoples content. I have naturally been scrolling through a ton of autumnal content and found so many DIY’S / Recipes I want to try in the upcoming weeks. So I thought I would share some of them with you in today’s post in case you were also looking for some autumnal inspiration. 

So first up is the home decor inspo / DIY’s –

Autumn Recipes Pins -


That’s a few of the pins I am going to be giving a go over the next month or so. Here are the links to my Halloween & Autumn Pinterest Boards if you want to check them out. I hope you enjoyed looking at some seasonal pins with me and I would love to know if anyone else has been making autumn boards if so let me know so I can check them out. 

Pinterest Boards :

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My Summer Photo Dairy 2018 🌞📷

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So September is in full swing and I think it is safe to say that summer is well and truly over. I had the most amazing summer with my friends and family so thought that I would put together a little photo diary to look back upon in the future to remember all the really great times I had in summer this year. My summer was full of family holidays, camping trips, and picnics in the park, festivals, friends, drinks and parties. We actually had some amazing weather as well this year which was a very rare occurrence for the UK but also a massive blessing. I am very excited to go in to the Autumn / Winter period but I really did have the best Summer so here is a few snaps which round up my Summer 2018. 

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