Leeds Festival 2018 πŸŽͺπŸ–€πŸŽΈπŸ’›

Hey Guys!

So me and a few friends headed Leeds Festival this year again and we had such an amazing time. We just did one day this year so we chose to go on the Saturday. As we only did one day I had to choose between Panic! at the Disco and Fall Out Boy and let me just tell you this broke my heart as I love them both soooo much. However because we had seen Panic! before we made the decision to go on the Saturday when Fall Out Boy were headlining. 

We all got glittered up and slipped in to our wellies for a day full of fun, food, music and some heavy rain showers. We went on the waltsers which was hilarious and I love that there is rides at Leeds Fest as it’s something fun to do during your time there. The food wasn't actually the best and is hella expensive but I ended up getting chicken noodles which were ok they just cost £9 which for noodles is crazy. There is always such a great atmosphere at Leeds, with everyone in high spirits and just general good vibes even in the torrential downpour. You can also get my favourite cider here which is somersby cider.  The festival fashion was crazy this year from bucket hats to bum bags everyone looked great. 

As for the music, of course we saw loads of amazing acts throughout the day. The highlight for me was definitely Fall Out Boy I have been a massive fan of their music forever and have been dying to see them live. They were awesome playing songs from a variety of their albums both new and old. Pete also had a flame thrower attached to his guitar so that was very cool. I also really enjoyed seeing both The Wombats and The Kooks as these are also bands I love and also killed it with their sets. We also saw Post Malone who was also really good and we caught some of Waterparks set who I hadn't heard of before but I really liked them so will deffo be listening to some more of their stuff. I love that festivals give you the opportunity to discover new music.

Overall I had loads of fun at Leeds Festival and would really recommend heading over to Reading or Leeds if you have the opportunity. I love that the line ups always have a really large variety of artists from all genres of music and they even have comedy acts on as well. To end this post here's some photos from our day at Leeds Festival 2018.

Thanks For Reading!