July Faves ⭐

Hey Guys!

So I honestly am struggling to understand how we are already in August, Like seriously where is 2018 going and what’s the rush? Anyhow A new month calls for a new faves post and a little catch up on all the things I have been loving in the past couple of weeks. As you may know from my last post I have been gone for a while so it's been quite a bit since I have shared my faves with you therefore I am so excited to actually be writing up about all the things I have been loving lately. I also thought seen as I'm having a bit of a fresh start I would change the formatting of my monthly faves posts. So nothing major but as you will see in this post I will have a few categories and will be sticking to these each month so I have some consistency throughout my blog and my faves posts will hopefully be a it more enjoyable to read and less random. So here we go and I hope you enjoy 
 checking out all things I have been loving in July. 

Fave Mem of The Month

Okay so first up in our new little layout is 'Fave Mem of the Month' This is where I thought it would be hella cute to share my fave memory from the month in this case July. This month was crazy as I had both my boyfriends and one of my best gals birthdays in the same month however this meant we got to do some celebrating. Me, Josh and a bunch of our friends went out for Chinese food and drinks to celebrate his and another of our friends birthdays. We had a really amazing time and it was great seeing everyone. I also met my main girl Marisa on her birthday and we met for lunch and drinks and it was so cute and nice to have a catch up as it had been wayyy too long. Therefore these were my fave things I got up to this past month.


Pinnacle Products of The Month

 Next up in the monthly faves is the product section and this could be anything from makeup, to hair to skincare just all the products I have recently been reaching for. 

The first product that has had me shook in July is the Epic Ink Liner from NYX. I am a massive fan of the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper and If you have been around for a while you will know this as I have been re-purchasing this product for forever and it is my HOLY GRAIL liner. However I had a bit of a wonder around the NYX store this month and picked this up as I had heard some rumours that this little product was a bit of a dupe for the Kat Von D liner, Did I believe this no of course not but WOW. I tried this and honestly it's insane it is pretty much identical to the Kat Von D liner and its pretty much half the price it is crazy. Trust me if you haven’t already you need to try this product.

The next product I want to chat to you lovelies about is by The Body Shop. We have actually had some sun in the summer in the UK this year which is a pretty rare occurrence and due to this I have been tanning a whole lot and this moisturiser has been a literal god send. This is quite possibly my fave body moisturiser I have ever tried. I think the thing I love the most about the product is that it doesn't sit on the skin and leave you feeling sticky. You apply this and it soaks in, in honestly about 30 seconds it’s amazing especially as that is the main reason I hardly moisturised my skin before this as I’m hella lazy and hated waiting for the product to sink in to the skin. Another massive bonus of this product is my tan always applies flawlessly after using this product.

Music Faves 

This is a new segment to my faves but I am always listening to music so it seemed crazy not to share this as part of these posts. I have been loving a few new things when it comes to music this month. Firstly being that I am OBBSESSED with both Fall Out Boys new album Mania and Panic! At The Disco's new album Pray For The Wicked. I have also been loving Ariana Grande's new music a lot recently. 

Fashion Faves  

This month has been all about playsuits and bright colors for me. It has been crazy warm in July and my absolute go to in the hot weather is a playsuit I have been loving this one from Boohoo in particular. I also have been loving anything with a bit of color this month so these two little crops are perfect examples and the mustard one is from New Look and the red is from Miss Selfridge.

Fave Insta Account of the Month

As I'm sure most people are I am constantly on instagram I love using the app and its one of my fave things to do so that inspired me to feature an account I have been obsessing over each month. This month it has hands down been @wanderersandwarriors. This account belongs too Charlie and Lauren who are just couple goals like the cutest ever and they travel the world together and document their journey through Insta and omg their feed is just the prettiest most interesting thing I have ever seen. Here's a few of their snaps and a link to their account if you want to check them out:

The Random Ones

Now I know I said I wanted to make my faves a little less random however this just wouldn't be me if I cut out the randomness completely so I thought let’s give them their own little section so they don't take over the whole post - Think of it as organised chaos. 

So in my random faves for July the first thing I have been loving is an Xbox game. Which I know is hella random as I have never spoken about anything like this on my blog but I have been finding myself playing on my Xbox a whole lot recently. I love playing games with friends as it can be so much fun and it saves us some dolla as we ain't actually leaving the house and spending like crazy. The game I have been playing with my friends last month is called 'Dead By Daylight' I know sounds a bit morbid right? Well it kind of is, it is a game where you play online with friends or just random people and one of you is a serial killer and the rest are survivors who have to escape without being killed by the killer. This has been the funniest thing playing this with my friends like I’m talking jump scare central which when playing with friends its honestly hilarious. 

Another random fave of mine this month has been the Gym. I know it sounds crazy as I should just always love the gym but it’s been a while since I have actually looked forward to going to the gym but this past month I have just fallen back in love with it and have been loving my workouts and I have the best gym buddies ever which is great of course. 

Finally the last random fave I have had has been Walkers Squares. These are some crisps which I know ain't very healthy BUT these crisps only have 97 cals per bag which makes them super easy to fit in to my calorie intake. They are also delish.

So that's it for my July faves! I’m so happy to be back blogging and hope you enjoyed reading about my fave things this month. 

Thanks for Reading!