Back To Blogging......Life Update πŸ’™

Hey Guys!

I'm back.....AGAIN! I have lost count of the times where I have done these posts after disappearing off the face of the earth as far as blogging is concerned and it’s actually embarrassing and I am so sorry for another unexpected absence. However I am back and will hopefully be sticking around for good this time. 

So what's with the vanishing act? Well life got hella busy, I have been going through some personal stuff and honestly I just completely lost my mojo. I found myself stuck in a bit of a blogging rut and just lost all motivation when it came to posting on my blog. I found that whenever I would draft up a new post I was just so unhappy with the result and blogging ended up becoming such a chore which I hated as blogging has always been something I used as an escape and was super passionate about so this was so frustrating for me. Anyhow, it’s been a hot minute since I have been active on my blog and I have found myself missing blogging so much recently so I feel as it is the perfect time to get back in to the swing of posting on my blog and am even considering giving my blog a little bit of a revamp. As I want to get back in to the swing of things slowly to avoid another blogging catastrophe I will post as much as I can but won't be sticking to a strict schedule, however I am aiming to post at least once per week. 

(I feel like the following gif sums up the level of failure I have been experiencing when blogging)

Anyway I'm back and Lifewithbee is about to get some fresh new content and a possible makeover but as I have been gone for quite a while I thought the best way to come back is with a little life update. Now there have been a few little changes in my life the main one being that I have finally started my driving lessons. I was soooo nervous to do this and it was something I honestly never thought I would do however I am about 10 lessons in and I love it now and am way too excited to get a car and be able to drive myself around. The next thing is that I’m still in the same job as I made the decision that it just wasn’t the best time for me to make a career decision. This was for a few reasons but mainly because I am able to manage my finances as I have the stability of a consistent monthly wage which is currently funding my driving lessons. I do however still hope to pursue a career in digital marketing in the future but I just am prioritising getting my driving license for now as this will open so many more doors when it comes to advancing in my career and looking for new opportunities. 

I have also been back on the fitness bandwagon and am watching what I eat and hitting the gym again in the hope that I can be in reasonable shape for my 21st birthday in November. I have so many exciting things coming up such as I have a festival at the end of the moths which I will deffo be posting about, My friends 21st is also coming up as well as my own and of course we have Autumn and as you may know that is my fave time of year and I love posting as I always find the Autumn / Winter to be when I am most inspired to post on my blog. 

I feel like now you guys are all caught up with what’s been happening with me now I'll share some snaps of what I have been up to in the Summer so far seen as I haven't been posting.

Thanks For Reading!