St Patricks Day Makeup Look 2018 🍀

Hey Guys!

So it's St Patricks Day is on Saturday and I took this as the perfect excuse to have a play with creating a themed makeup look. As you can see I'm pretty terrible at doing my makeup but it is something I really enjoy so I thought I would share this look with you guys anyway in hope that it may inspire you to create some of your own St Patrick inspired looks. I am hoping to keep practising and hopefully improve my makeup skills this year but until then I apologise for the lack of skill in this department and also for the shabby-ish makeup looks done by someone who struggles to actually put an eyelash on without gluing her eye together just to have it just pop off two mins later. A pretty big chunk of my family are Irish so we all celebrate this day together, I would love to know if you guys are celebrating and if so what you have planned for the day. 

Here's some more snaps of my face:

Products Used:




(Please excuse the state of my Kat Von D Palette It is very well loved)
That's all for today's post I hope this may have inspired some of you have a play around and create some St Patricks day looks and if you do have a go I would love to see them! 

Thanks for Reading!