Easter / Spring Lush Haul 🐣

Hey Guys!

I had a wander in to Lush whilst I was out shopping last week and picked up some goodies so I decided to do a little lush haul for today's post to show you lovelies what I got. They had all the Easter stuff in which just makes me so excited for Spring even though we can't seem to shake the snow here in the UK at the moment. So naturally a lot of what I picked up was part of the Easter collection but I did pick up some other bits as well. 

The first thing I got in lush was this whopper (Like wow look at the size of it). It is the Free Rangers bath bomb. I got the orange one but I believe this comes in both blue and purple also. The scent is really lovely it smells like blackcurrant sweets. You have the option to split this guy in to two baths but I think being a little extra when it comes to my baths I'll probably use the whole thing. The cost of this one was £6.95.

The next thing I picked up during my venture into Lush was the Razzle Dazzle Bath Oil. This has such a sweet scent which honestly is what sucked my in as I am a massive sucker for a sweet scent. It's nice and pink and is one of the bath oils so is meant to be hella good for ya skin. It cost me £2.50.

This next item is the Ployamorous Bath Oil and this one has an amazing violet scent which again I love. It's the cutest little heart shape and once again is meant to do great things for the skin. I love pairing the bath oils with bath bombs or bubble bars as they just make the most heavenly bath cocktails. This little guy comes in at £2.50.

I also grabbed myself a Jelly Bomb which I had never tried before and I am super intrigued to see what its like as I think it is such an interesting concept. I got The Big Sleep Jelly Bomb and it has a lavender scent which is so relaxing. It cost me £4.95.

The next goodie I grabbed from Lush is the Cream Egg Bubble Bar. This has a fresh minty smell which again I enjoy. This also comes in different colours and it costs £3.75.

Finally the last item I picked up during my little Lush spree was the Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt. This is hands down the most extra bath creation in the whole of the Lush Easter range in my opinion it is literally covered with gold glitter. I love it and will most definitely be using this before a night out to get that little sparkle on my skin. It smells like a mixture of orange and honey which is again such a lovely scent. This little guy costs £4.95.

So that's everything I picked up from Lush, I love everything and I can't wait to get some amazing baths with all my new bits. I also just wanted to say that the staff in my local Lush are just so lovely which is so nice and I love popping in for some goodies as they are always so helpful. My local Lush store is the White Rose store in Leeds.

Thanks For Reading!