Valentines Makeup Look 2018 ๐Ÿ’•

Hey Guys!

Happy Valentines Day Lovelies! I hope your all having an amazing time whether your a single pringle or all coupled up. For today's post I thought I would put together a little valentines day inspired make up look. This look can be worn regardless of your plans if your going out then go ahead and get hella glam and if valentines day is just another day for you then who cares lets slay anyway. I decided to go for a dewy base and a pink theme with this look and I'm loving the way it came out. 

Here's some more snaps:

Products I Used :




Violet Voss Holy Grail Shadow Shade 'So Jelly' (Used to set Lips + add shimmer)


That's all for today's post I hope you all have a lovely Valentines day and that this post may have inspired you to do some valentines themed makeup looks of your own. Also please just excuse the fact I am terrible at putting lashes on.

Thanks for Reading!