Health and Fitness Apps I Love 💪🍏📱

Hey Guys!

So for today's post I thought I would do something a little different and chat to you guys about some of the apps I have been loving that have really been helping me stay healthy and keep on moving towards my fitness goals. One amazing thing is that all these apps are free to download (Some have in app purchases or premium features) but it is completely optional if you want to spend your hard earned dolla on them. 

First up is an app called 'SWORKIT'. This app is great and it basically has loads of workouts on it which you can choose from. They range from all kinds of difficulties from beginner to advance. They also have loads of different categories so if you want to focus on one area of your bod in particular you can click on the allocated section of the app and there will be loads of workouts to train that part of your body. You can only access limited workouts on the free version but I am pretty happy with this as I just use this for filling up gaps within my workouts at the gym of if I want to mix things up a bit. However, if you were planning on using this more or at home then it may be worth upgrading and pay a little money to access all the content. Overall I just love this app for mixing up my workouts and helping me not get bored with my current ones. 

The next app I have been loving, is not really a fitness app but it can be used as one if that's what you need. The app is called 'Yummly' and I LOVE it! It is perfect if like me you aren't the most inspired person when it comes to cooking yourself up some food. It is full of millions of amazing recipes and it has so many cool functions to it. One example of a cool function I was rambling about is that you can search for recipes including a specific ingredient so if you have some left over ingredients in your cupboard that you have no idea what to do with then you can look on here and it will give you some ideas. You can also search different categories such as type of meal (e.g. Main, Side, Dessert, Snack), different dietary requirements, Trending recipes, or popular ones. There's even a quick and easy section which if your anything like me this is just perfect. Also when you have found the recipe you want to make you can save them so whenever you are looking for them you can look in your saved recipe section and pick one out but it also creates a shopping list for you for your chosen recipe. It is also great if you track your foods as it tells you all the nutritional info like number of calories, macros etc for all the recipes. Finally another amazing thing about this app is that it is completely personalized to you as when you sign up you can state any food allergies, foods you like, foods you dislike etc and it will recommend you different recipes based on this which is just so cool.

I find that tracking my calories really helps me stay on track and I have two apps that are just perfect for this and these are 'My Fitness Pal' and 'Lose it'. Both of these apps pretty much do the same thing and I have both as I used to constantly use My Fitness Pal but when a few of my friends joined the gym this year they all use 'Lose it' so I wanted to get it so we could all compare and things using the same app. They are just essentially an app where you put in everything you eat and drink and any exercise you have done and it totals up your total calorie intake/outtake and compares this to your recommended amount of calories. This is great as you can see if your eating enough or too much and if you should maybe try and squeeze in a little bit more exercise or if you are good for the day. I just find it really interesting to know what I am eating and if it is the right stuff you know. These apps are also great if you track macros or if like me you have some kind of deficiency where you are lacking vitamins. I lack when it comes to my iron levels so it’s a great way to see if I am getting enough.

 The next app I use all the time is one that won't actually be too relevant to you if you go to a different gym but I have been using the 'Puregym' app. I obviously go to PureGym so this is great as I can book classes, see how busy the gym is and all that cool stuff. However I know this won't be something everyone can use so I won't ramble on but I would deffo recommend checking if your gym also has an app as they are so useful.

Finally the app I have been using quite a bit is the apple 'Health' app. This is something that is just already installed on your phone if you have an iphone but it is so useful. You can track your steps, sleep, nutrition and mindfulness. It's a great overall health tracker and I mainly use this to track my steps although I'm not sure this is the most accurate data however it gives me an estimate. 


So guys that’s all the health and fitness apps I have been loving to keep me motivated and on track. I hope that this may have been somewhat interesting to any of you. 

Thanks for Reading!