Benefit BADgal BANG! Mascara Review! ๐Ÿ–ค

Hey Guys!

For today's post I am going to do a little review on the Bad Gal Bang! Mascara by Benefit. I was recently in Benefit getting my brows done and I simply could not resist grabbing myself one of these new mascara's, as I have literally been seeing this product everywhere and it has been well and truly hyped up so I decided I wanted to give it a try for myself and see what all the fuss was about.

I have tried quite a few products from benefit and I have to say I am yet to be disappointed, I personally really love the They're Real Mascara so I was very interested to see if this one was even better. The Bad Gal Bang Mascara claims to have a dramatic volumising effect without weighing the lashes down, to be smudge proof, water resistant and last on the lashes for up to 36 hours.

Right so what do I think? The first time I tried on this mascara I was SHOOK. I never ever had a mascara give me this much volume to my lashes, I love everything about the product from the cute af packaging to the intense volume the product gives. I find that layering this product is fine as it is so light that you honestly can't feel it on your lashes. I love how black it is and that the smaller end of the brush is just perfect for the bottom lashes and hard to reach ones such as the inner corner. I actually think that this may be my new fave mascara as it just gives me everything I could possibly want. I have even wore this mascara to the gym a few times and it has lasted amazingly on the lashes with no smudging or flaking off. I have also been asked on several occasions now if I am wearing false lashes whilst wearing this mascara so if that doesn't show just how much of an impact this mascara has nothing will.

The image below shows one of my eyes with no mascara and the other with ONE coat of the benefit bad gal bang mascara on. I mean come on guys look at that difference its INSANE!

One thing that I will say is you do have to be careful when applying this product as I do find that it clumps the lashes together quite a bit. I personally don't mind this as I actually like my lashes to have a borderline clumpy look as I feel as this enhances the volume however it could get very over the top very quickly if you are not careful during the application. The way I deal with this is just to apply thin layers of the product and I then use an old spoolie brush to brush through the lashes to separate and remove excess product between coats.

Overall I would totally recommend this mascara if you haven't tried it as it really is a product that makes such a huge difference and gives you the wow moment you long for with any new makeup purchase. I think if your someone who like me, likes big thick voluminous lashes then you will just fall in love with this product because for this effect it is simply the best product I have ever tried. Benefit have completely smashed it out the park with this launch and if you want a new mascara that is going to give you a false lash effect then GIRL you need this product in your life. I believe this mascara costs £21.50 which is a pretty average price for a higher end mascara.  

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