Affordable Cruelty Free Skincare Routine ๐Ÿ‡๐Ÿ’—

Hey Guys!

I've recently decided to get myself some new skincare goodies and completely revamp my current skincare routine. I have combination skin where I get super oily around my nose and chin area but my forehead gets a little dry whilst the rest of my face is pretty normal. However, I think the mixture of cold weather, hot showers and central heating has just completely messed with my skin as it has been hella dry lately. So I went on a little hunt for some new skincare products which were affordable and cruelty free, I found these products and they have made up my new skincare routine for the past couple of weeks.

So the first new product I have tried is the Superdrug Natural Radiant Glycolic Toner. Well like I said I have been trying out this new skincare routine for a couple of weeks now and OMG I AM SHOOK! I can't even tell you how much I have been blown away by this product it has only been a pretty short amount of time and this had made such a difference. It had left my skin feeling sooo smooth and it has massively reduced any redness. As I had said my skin has been pretty dry and this has been a little miracle worker for that. I honestly can't rate this product enough like wow Superdrug I see you guys! It contains Glycolic acid which is amazing for retexturising the skins surface and claims to smooth, tone and brighten skin which I completely agree it does. The prices of everything in the Superdrug skincare range are just so affordable and from what I have tried so far the quality is insane. They also don't test on animals as a brand and that is just so lovely and I have sooooo much respect for them for that as well. I paid £2.95 for this as it is currently on offer however I believe at full price it is still only £5.99 which is still a mind blowing price for such a wonderful product. I have been using this product after cleansing and before moisturising and I love it.

I decided to grab a new cleanser and this one from the body shop drew me in. It is The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter. I LOVE THIS! (Sorry for the random bursts of caps every five seconds but I just can't with these new products). This cleanser is just so gentle on the skin and it clings to every bit of makeup and gets it off my face. Once again it makes my skin feel so soft and is just a really lovely cleanser. I would really recommend this one if you have sensitive skin. It cost £10 which is again such an amazing price and of course it is cruelty free. I use this before anything else as the first step in my skincare routine.

Whilst I was in the body shop I also saw this and I was immediately drawn to it due to my dry skin problems as it just seemed to be the perfect solution. It is the Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet which is a mattifying moisturiser which claims to drench the skin with moisture for all day hydration. As you can imagine with skin as dry as the Sahara this sounded very appealing to me. After using the product daily I was again so impressed with the product, it kept my skin super soft and also wasn't greasy or anything on the skin. I also found that this was a lovely base to apply my make up on too. I love this product and use it after I have cleansed, exfoliated and toned my skin. It is the perfect final step to my skincare routine. This one costs £14 which for a really good moisturiser I think is really reasonable and it is also cruelty free.

Finally I have been using another absolute star product from the superdrug range. I can't even cope with how impressed I have been by the Superdrug skincare range I will deffo be getting my hands on a few more products as I am just blown away by the price quality and everything. This scrub has been great for exfoliating my skin as it is sooo gentle but is also great at smoothing my skin. Again it's super affordable and cruelty free. This costs £2.99 (I know I know I'm still shook too). I use this just after cleansing and it is the perfect face scrub.

So guys that's all I have been trying out for my new skincare routine and I honestly love it so much my skin has been sooo much better and I am just so happy with my new products.

Thanks For Reading!