My 2017- A Look Back At Last Year

Hey Guys!

So another year has passed and 2018 is well and truly here! I thought for today's post I would have a little look back on the past year and share some of my highlights from 2017 with you, I thought this might be something people will enjoy reading but also an amazing post for me to have to look back on. Last year was a year of up and downs for me I had some really crappy times but also made some of the best memories of my life so far, so overall I have pretty mixed opinions of 2017.

So the first thing that happened in 2017 was that I joined the gym. I was so happy with my decision to do this and last year was the first year in my life where I started to get in to fitness and improving my overall health. 


Then in April 2017 I actually started my blog. I had a blog previously but never took it too seriously and lost interest; however, 2017 was the year I bit the bullet bought my domain name and created Life With Bee. I still love blogging so much and hope that I can continue to grow and improve my blog in 2018 as well.

Next up I flew out to Tenerife with some of my pals and had the most amazing time. It was so nice to get away from work and the general stress of everyday life and have a little break in the sun. 

2017 was actually a year when I realized that actually it’s ok not to be ok and I went through what was one of the hardest times for me in my life so far. I just had an overwhelming time with my emotions and I was just so unhappy for quite a while. I think it was the come down from having such an amazing time on holiday that actually made me realize how unhappy I was with work and just the way my life was at the moment, I couldn't shake the feeling that I hadn't done enough of the things I wanted to do when I left school and just felt like I had messed up and wasn't really good enough. I didn't know who to turn to with the way I was feeling as I didn't want to burden any of my friends so I mainly turned to both my amazing boyfriend and Mum. I don't know how I would have coped this year without them both. I am in a much better place now and I believe I may have just gone through a period where I just wasn't in the best place mentally. However I feel so much better now and although I still have down days I am in such a better place now.

I then slipped in to my wellies and headed to 
Leeds Festival. This once again was such an amazing experience and I was so happy I went as it was something I really wanted to do in 2017 but also I saw some really great bands play.  

I then went away to Majorca with my boyfriend and his family, we had such a lovely time and I really enjoyed this so much. 

Then in the run up to Halloween I got to do some of the things I have always wanted to do, I went to pick my own pumpkin at the pumpkin festival at a local farm and spent a day at Alton Towers for their Scarefest event. I love Halloween so much so it was so good to do so many themed days out. I then had a Halloween party at my house which was just fab and once again I had a smashing time. 


Another really sad moment for me in 2017 was we actually sadly lost our family dog. He was 15 years old so he was pretty old as far as doggo's go but he got really sick and unfortunately we had to get him put to sleep. This was super sad as we had had Sandy since I was 5 years old and he was a tiny puppy so losing him took quite a hit on me and my family. 

Next up I had a really lovely time as me and my family, my boyfriend and my brother’s friend spent the weekend away down in Lincoln to see an Airshow. 

Then along came my Birthday which I honestly had such an amazing night as I went out and had some drinks in Leeds with so many awesome people. I actually made quite a few new friends this year which is always great. 

Finally Christmas, Boxing Day and New years were here which again was an amazing time considering I actually wasn't feeling too great for the most of it this year as I got sick but I still managed to have some hella good times. 

So that’s all the main things that happened in my 2017. I hope you enjoyed reading about the ups and downs of my year and I would love to know how 2017 was for you. 

Thanks for Reading!