Christmas Q&A ~ Blogmas 2017 ❄️

Hey Guys!

So it's day three of my 12 days of blogmas and as always I'm as excited as ever. Today I thought I would do a little Christmas Q&A so I headed to social media and gathered some festive themed questions together and here they are:

1) What are your favourite Christmas films?

I love sooo many Christmas movies its crazy, However if I had to chose my faves they would probably be Elf, Christmas With The Kranks, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and The Grinch. If you haven't seen them already you should deffo check them out they are so good.

2) What do you love the most about Christmas and what do you hate the most about it?

 I think the thing I love the most about Christmas is how it just brings everyone together and I get to spend time with all my family and friends which is just lovely. As for the the thing I hate the most about Christmas I wouldn't say I actually hate anything about Christmas but If I had to say something It would probably be how busy everywhere gets when it gets close as It makes going to any shop a mission.

3) What's the best Christmas present you have ever been given?

 The best present I have ever been given would probably be my laptop simply because I have got so much use out of it and its what I first got into blogging on. I am super grateful for all the gifts I get big or small but this one I still use now in fact I am probably due an upgrade.

4) Fave Starbucks Festive Drink?

My fave hot drink of all time is actually a vanilla latte however as this isn't very festive maybe the Gingerbread Latte.

5) Whats your favourite thing to do during the Christmas period?

 I think going to Christmas markets during the build up to Christmas is prob may fave activity during the festive period. I love them they are so cute and festive.
6) What is your favourite Christmas food?

 My favourite Christmas food is probably roast potatoes as they are what I always reach for first when tucking in to my Christmas dinner, However pigs in blankets have to be a very close second.
7) Are there any Christmas foods you hate?

 I actually don't like Christmas pudding at all which is pretty bad seen as it is such a traditional Christmas food but I'm just not a fan.
8) When do you put the Christmas tree up?

 We put our tree up during either the first or second weekend in December depending on when we have time.
9) Do you have any Christmas traditions?

 I have a couple of Christmas traditions, The first is that me and my mum always get new pyjamas on Christmas eve and we all watch Christmas films as a family also on Christmas eve.
10) What is your fave Christmas Song?

My fave Christmas song is Merry Christmas Everyone by Shakin' Steven's

Thanks for reading!