Blogmas 2017 ๐ŸŽ…

Hey Guys!

So today's post is is all about Blogmas 2017. Blogmas is where bloggers post festive themed posts everyday in December. After weeks of debating if I should do Blogmas this year I finally decided I am going to do it. I love blogging and I love Christmas so it seemed crazy not to join in on all the festive fun. However, I had to be a little realistic at some point and I just hadn't started planning early enough to post everyday so I will be doing Blogmas for the 12 days running up to Christmas in oppose to everyday of the month. This is just a more realistic time scale for me to post due to working full time and doing my business coursework, But hey its still 12 days of continuous christmas posts. I actually noticed that quite a few bloggers are doing this also which I have to say made me feel a lot less guilty about not doing the whole month.

I love the idea of my blog looking all festive and cute and I simply can't wait to start posting and reading everyone elses Christmas posts. Once again as I am doing the 12 day Blogmas my posts will start on the 13th December and run until Christmas Eve.

Let me know if you or any bloggers you know are doing Blogmas as I'll deffo be checking out lots of posts. 

Thanks For Reading!