November To do List ❄️

Hey Guys!

It's November! Holy Moly where has the year gone! I genuinely can't get over how fast this year it going but I am so excited for all the joys November brings. I actually turn 20 this month which is so so crazy as I am so not ready to lose my teenager label and have to properly adult. Any how lets get in to todays post. Im sure you will have guessed by the title but today I am going to be chatting to you about all the stuff I want to get done this month. 

I have been such a crappy blogger recenty and my posting has just been all over the place so my first goal of the month is to get back on track with my blog. I love blogging so much it has just been so crazy trying to manage a full time office job (Which is stressful as hell sometimes), Buisness work and my blog as well as just having time to sleep, eat etc. However I am really hoping to give myself a little more time to focus on posting more frequently and getting back in to a schedule which I can happliy stick too. 

Next up on my to do list is, well your girl has not just been slacking on the blogging side of life. I've stopped hitting the gym pretty much completly at this point so I want to get motivated and get back in to working out regulaly so I can stop feeling so crappy and get myself going again. 

Now as I mentioned before Its my birthday this month so I need to get myself together and make a plan of action. Its my birthday at the end of the month so I need to get something organised before then so I can celebrate becoming an actual adult and having to do adult things.YAY!

Another thing I want to get done this month is I want to make a start on my christmas shopping. Now I know its only November but Christmas is hella expenxive so whatever I can get done now will help me out in the long run. 

Finally the last thing on my november to do list is to get my room to a Christmas level of cozy. I want to grab some new bedding, a crap ton of fairly lights, candles and loads of other stuff to get me in that festive mood. 

So thats it for my November to do list this year, Hoped you enjoyed the read!