Five Reasons I Love Autumn 🍁💛

Hey Guys!

So Autumn is well and truly here and I am so excited. As you may know already this time of year is my favourite time of year so I'm pretty happy right now but as for today's post I thought it would be good to chat about the reasons why I love Autumn so much. So I've narrowed it down to five reasons why I love this amazing time of year so much. 

1) The Fashion

Now as someone who is always freezing I can very much appreciate the autumn fashion due to how warm and cosy it is. I'm definitely a boots and jumper girl and are therefore completely in my element when it comes to this time of year. I love everything about Autumn fashion from the fact I can cover up to the deep dark colours. My favourite colours in clothing include things such as dark reds, greens, maroons and mustard's. So once again I love Autumn fashion for this reason as you bet these colours will be making an appearance this season.  

2) How things Look Outside 

The next thing I love about Autumn is being able to wrap up in a jumper and get outside and everything just looks soo much prettier. The floor is covered in pretty leaves and the trees have turned the most stunning orange colour and I just love it. It makes it so easy to get a cute snap for your insta also guys as everything just looks so nice outside. Also when I get up and out and the air is crisp but the sun is shining and theres orange and brown leaves everywhere it makes my walk to work a whole lot less miserable. 

3) How Things Look Inside

Another reason I love Autumn so much is how things look inside, now this one may not apply to everyone but if your anything like me and go a bit nuts when it comes to buying pretty autumn homeware for your house then I'm sure you can relate. I just love when I do my room up for autumn as it is just so cute and cosy which is perfect for those Autumn nights in watching movies when snuggled up in bed.  

4) The Day Trips/ Activities 

 Now I don't know about you but I just don't think you can beat the days out in the Autumn time from crisp walks in the woods with my doggo, to scare events at theme parks, to picking my own pumpkins at our local farm. Autumn is just filled with fun from the get go and I love it.

5) Halloween 

Finally HALLOWEEN! I love love love Halloween and anything that relates to it I just have so many traditions and things that I get up to with my family and friends and we just have the best time. I love everything about Halloween from pumpkin carving, to dressing up, to the parties, to all the themed baking and everything else. 

So thats the five things I love about Autumn, I hope you enjoyed reading!