Budget Halloween Haul πŸŽƒ

 Hey Guys!

So Halloween is just around the corner and to celebrate I am having a party this weekend. Now as a crazy Halloween enthusiast I don't mind spending all my hard earned dolla on pointless Halloween items but I know that some people might. So I thought this would be a perfect time to hit the local bargain shops and supermarkets and see what I could find. 

So first up I had a little look in Asda and here's what I found:

Cauldron Bowl- £2
Cauldron Punch Bowl - £5
Sparkly Spider Web- £2
Skull Shot Glasses- £1
Glittery Pumpkin- £1
Bag of Spiders- £1

Next up was Poundland which also had a huge selection see what I got above (Everything was £1)

I then went to B&M and picked up a few bits:

Halloween Dog Collars- Around £3 I believe
Orange Curtain Lights- £3.99
Halloween Projector Light - £3.99

In Home Bargains I found these:

Halloween Fairy Lights - Around £2 I think
Plastic Eyeballs- £1 per bag

I then nipped in a few random shops and got these:

Balloons (Wilko) - £1
Cobwebs - £0.79
Skull Glass (Morrisons)- £1

Overall I got quite a lot of bits for my party and It really didn't cost that much for the amount I got. So if you want to grab yourself some Halloween goodies but don't want to break the bank head over to your local pound shops and supermarkets and I'm sure you will get some Spooktacular finds. I will also be doing a post on Sunday all about the party so keep your eyes peeled for that lovelies. 

 Thanks for reading!