Budget Halloween Haul ๐ŸŽƒ

 Hey Guys!

So Halloween is just around the corner and to celebrate I am having a party this weekend. Now as a crazy Halloween enthusiast I don't mind spending all my hard earned dolla on pointless Halloween items but I know that some people might. So I thought this would be a perfect time to hit the local bargain shops and supermarkets and see what I could find. 

So first up I had a little look in Asda and here's what I found:

Cauldron Bowl- £2
Cauldron Punch Bowl - £5
Sparkly Spider Web- £2
Skull Shot Glasses- £1
Glittery Pumpkin- £1
Bag of Spiders- £1

Next up was Poundland which also had a huge selection see what I got above (Everything was £1)

I then went to B&M and picked up a few bits:

Halloween Dog Collars- Around £3 I believe
Orange Curtain Lights- £3.99
Halloween Projector Light - £3.99

In Home Bargains I found these:

Halloween Fairy Lights - Around £2 I think
Plastic Eyeballs- £1 per bag

I then nipped in a few random shops and got these:

Balloons (Wilko) - £1
Cobwebs - £0.79
Skull Glass (Morrisons)- £1

Overall I got quite a lot of bits for my party and It really didn't cost that much for the amount I got. So if you want to grab yourself some Halloween goodies but don't want to break the bank head over to your local pound shops and supermarkets and I'm sure you will get some Spooktacular finds. I will also be doing a post on Sunday all about the party so keep your eyes peeled for that lovelies. 

 Thanks for reading!


Alton Towers Scarefest 2017

Hey Guys!

So this weekend me and and a few of my buds hit up Alton Towers for a day at Scarefest. I had an amazing day and would totally recommend you make a visit if your looking for a spooktacular day out. There was lots of Halloween things going on throughout the park and the theming was brilliant. Everything looked so seasonal and spooky from the giant pumpkins to the different lighting across the park. There is four scare attractions running this year and these are really great if you love a scare as they really are quite intense. There is also a scare zone running in a walkway in the park which opens later on in the evening. The staff are all absolutely amazing and I have absolutely no idea how they stay in character the whole time. There is also lots going on for families such as kid friendly live shows and activities. Finally of course there's the rides which are hella fun all year round but of course at Scarefest you get the opportunity to ride them in the dark which is extra cool. Overall I had a really great day and will hopefully be heading up every year as a little Halloween tradition. I didn't manage to get to many pics of the day as we weren't blessed with the best weather and when on rides etc but here are some pics I got of some of the Halloween props and the towers.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my time at scarefest and I'll see you soon with a new post!


Pumpkin Picking 2017 ๐ŸŽƒ

Hey Guys!

So today we visited Farmer Copley's in Pontefract to pick up some pumpkins. It was the Pumpkin Festival event whilst we were there so there was a lot of pumpkin themed things going on. There was loads to do from pumpkin rides, to face painting, pumpkin carving to munching on some homemade toffee apples. I would totally recommend you visit farmer Copley's as there is a little something for everyone and it is really great if you have any kids. However we mainly headed here for the pick your own pumpkins and we weren't disappointed, there was fields and fields of pumpkins of all shapes colours and sizes. We picked up quite a few pumpkins in preparation for my Halloween party and then had a little walk around the festival. Here's some pictures from the day, Also please just excuse my face in the above photo the sun was pretty bright and I was chatting away so that's why it looks a little odd but I just loved how Autumnal the photo was.   

Hoped you enjoyed reading about my little autumn trip out. 
See you soon!

Autumn Room Tour 2017 ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ ๐Ÿ‚

Hey Guys!
It's that time again, the seasons have changed and Autumn is upon us. So that means that my room had had a bit of a makeover and it's time for my Autumn 2017 Room Tour. Now Autumn is my favourite season and I'm Halloween obsessed so aploigies if this ones a little over the top. Hope you enjoy having a little snoop around my bedroom. I am really loving my room at the moment as its so cozy meaning it's just perfect fot those Autumn nights. 

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Five Reasons I Love Autumn ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ’›

Hey Guys!

So Autumn is well and truly here and I am so excited. As you may know already this time of year is my favourite time of year so I'm pretty happy right now but as for today's post I thought it would be good to chat about the reasons why I love Autumn so much. So I've narrowed it down to five reasons why I love this amazing time of year so much. 

1) The Fashion

Now as someone who is always freezing I can very much appreciate the autumn fashion due to how warm and cosy it is. I'm definitely a boots and jumper girl and are therefore completely in my element when it comes to this time of year. I love everything about Autumn fashion from the fact I can cover up to the deep dark colours. My favourite colours in clothing include things such as dark reds, greens, maroons and mustard's. So once again I love Autumn fashion for this reason as you bet these colours will be making an appearance this season.  

2) How things Look Outside 

The next thing I love about Autumn is being able to wrap up in a jumper and get outside and everything just looks soo much prettier. The floor is covered in pretty leaves and the trees have turned the most stunning orange colour and I just love it. It makes it so easy to get a cute snap for your insta also guys as everything just looks so nice outside. Also when I get up and out and the air is crisp but the sun is shining and theres orange and brown leaves everywhere it makes my walk to work a whole lot less miserable. 

3) How Things Look Inside

Another reason I love Autumn so much is how things look inside, now this one may not apply to everyone but if your anything like me and go a bit nuts when it comes to buying pretty autumn homeware for your house then I'm sure you can relate. I just love when I do my room up for autumn as it is just so cute and cosy which is perfect for those Autumn nights in watching movies when snuggled up in bed.  

4) The Day Trips/ Activities 

 Now I don't know about you but I just don't think you can beat the days out in the Autumn time from crisp walks in the woods with my doggo, to scare events at theme parks, to picking my own pumpkins at our local farm. Autumn is just filled with fun from the get go and I love it.

5) Halloween 

Finally HALLOWEEN! I love love love Halloween and anything that relates to it I just have so many traditions and things that I get up to with my family and friends and we just have the best time. I love everything about Halloween from pumpkin carving, to dressing up, to the parties, to all the themed baking and everything else. 

So thats the five things I love about Autumn, I hope you enjoyed reading!

Autumn Lip Picks ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ’›

Hey Guys!

Today's post is all about my favourite lip shades for Autumn time. I love love love a dark lip  and autumn is the perfect time to rock one, I also love reds, browns and dark mauve colours which all come in to swing at autumn also. So I'll just talk you through some of my favourite lipsticks for the Autumn. There will also be swatches below (Ps I tried to make them look like autumn leaves but it didn't go as well as I would have liked so please just excuse my crappy freehand leaf attempts)

So first up is two of the Kat Von D  Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks in the shades 'Lolita' and 'Exorcism'. I would say 'Lolita' is a plum toned pinky nude, It comes up quite dark on my lips due to how pale I am but I love this colour so much and the formulation of these lipsticks are so comfortable on the lip and last very well. I also have picked out the everlasting liquid lip in the shade 'Exorcism' this is the darkest lip I have picked out and its a very dark berry toned lipstick, I love this one as it looks so pretty on the lip and suits lots of different skin tones.

Next up are a few lipsticks from NYX Cosmetics I have two of the NYX Lingerie liquid lipsticks in 'Lace Detail' and 'Embellishment'. 'Lace Detail' is a light pinky nude and is perfect for everyday wear. 'Embellishment' is a coll toned almost purple toned colour which I also love. I also have one of the NYX Liquid Suede cream lipsticks in the shade 'Sandstorm' this is a brown toned nude which is also perfect for everyday wear.

I also have a few more lipsticks from random brands which I love for the autumn months as well. The first of this bunch is a MAC lipstick in the matte formula and its in the shade 'Whirl'. This is a browny/pink colour. I then have a lipstick from Collection in the shade 'Aubergine Kiss' this is a dark berry colour. Next is a lipstick I picked up from Avon it is one of their Ultra Colour Lipsticks in the shade 'Raisin Craze' I actually got this one last year so unfortunately I can't promise it is still available but it is a pretty plum toned nude. Finally the last lipstick I picked out was the Rimmel Lasting Finish lipstick which is by Kate Moss I got this in the shade '107' which is my idea of the perfect red as it is quite rich and darker than most reds.

That's all the lipsticks that I love for the autumn time so please see swatches in the picture below.

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Little Autumn Homeware Haul ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ ๐Ÿ‚

Hey Guys! 

So I recently did a little bit of shopping and picked up a few homeware bits. Now I only have three things to show you in this haul so it's only a little one but I just had to show you them as I am in love with the bits I got. The three things I picked up are the mug, candle and throw in the picture above so they're what I'll be chatting about in this post but if your wondering where some of the other things featured in the photo are from my bedding is from Asda, the scatter cushions and fairy lights are from B&M (They were sooo afordable btw) and the lovely autumnal leaves are from ebay.

First up I got myself this gorgeous throw from Primark. It is so soft and fluffy and was an absolute steal as I got this for £3.50 as they had a home event on however they are usually only £4 anyway which I think is crazy for such a nice soft throw. They have these in soooo many colors so if you’re looking for a throw I'd definitely check Primark out; they had lots of other lovely home bits in as well so it’s worth the trip. 

Next up I nipped in to my local Yankee Candle store and picked up the Home Sweet Home. The scent screams autumn/winter and I just love it so much. It’s such a spicy warm scent and is perfect for those cozy nights in. The quality is amazing but it’s a Yankee Candle and well the quality of these is always amazing. The scent is described as ‘A heart-warming blend of cinnamon, baking spices, and a hint of freshly poured tea’ and I think they have hit that pretty spot on and this candle is just a must for the autumn winter months. This guy was around £18 I think.


Finally, I popped in to Homesense and was crazy happy to see that the Halloween stuff has started to make an appearance. Now there wasn’t too much out just yet but I did find this amazing mug. I don’t even feel like I need to say why I love it so much I mean look at it, its copper, its huge, it’s a freaking pumpkin and Its going to look soooo good with my hot chocolates In so I couldn’t help but pick this guy up. Unfortunately I lost my receipt so I don’t know the exact price but from what I remember it was about £7.

 So that's everything I picked up sorry it was only a little haul, I just needed to show you my new autumn finds. I'll also have a Autumn room tour up this month so keep your eyes peeled for that lovlies (Im sure there will be lots more Autumn homeware goodies involved in that one)

Thanks For Reading!