Scampton Airshow 2017 ✈️๐Ÿ’™

Hey Guys!

So last weekend we visited Lincoln and we headed down for Scampton airshow as its a bit of a family tradition to have a day trip to an airshow. I had an amazing time and the airshow had so much going on from food stalls to fair rides, to planes, displays and shops. I wanted to do a post simply so I could look back at it and remember my time here but also I guess it may interest some of you who are looking for a fun day out. The airshow was held at an RAF base so it was so cool to see the air force doing their thing and all the planes doing their displays, I mean jeez mad respect to the gals that were doing gymnastics on the top of a plane and to all the pilots who were flying. Unfortunatly the weather wasnt amazing but we still had a great time but sorry if the pics are a little grey.

Anyway I would totally recommend hitting up an airshow if you get the chance and for now ill just leave you with some snaps from the weekend. Also sorry todays post was a short one. 

 Thanks For Reading!