Bath and Body Works UK Candle Dupes ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ’›

Hey Guys!

So it's officially Autumn now, which means it's the time of year where I get a little candle crazy and buy loads of new candles. Now don't get me wrong I'm a candle lover all year round but I love having a cosy room during the Autumn and Winter time and lets be honest candles are a great and easy way to achieve a warm cosy atmosphere. Now I find in England we struggle for choice when it comes to Autumn scented candles, Which leaves me constantly hoping and wishing that Bath and Body Works will start shipping to the UK as they have a massive range of Autumn scents from pumpkin, to maple leaves to baking to all things spicy. However, currently It is near to impossible to get your hands on the Bath and Body Works candles and when you can the shipping usually makes them very expensive. The other day I was strolling around B&M with my mum which is like a huge bargain store in the UK when I stumbled across these little gems in the candle bit. Now at first I just saw these and thought finally some Autumn scents in the UK, but it then dawned on me that these look extremely similar to the Bath and Body Works candles. 

Now unfortunately Ive never actually owned a Bath and Body Works candle so I can't directly compare them in terms of scents and how they burn but the similarity between the packaging is insane. I picked up two of the silver lid candles which cost me £2.99 each and the scents I chose were Radiant Red Maple and Marshmallow Fireside. I also picked up one with a copper lid which cost me £3.99 and was in the Pumpkin Waffles scent. Now all of these candles smell amazing and even with just the lid off you can smell them. When you light the candles they fill the entire room with the scent and in my opinion are really good quality candles especially when you consider the price. In terms of the look of these candles it is clear they are very similar to the Bath and Body Works ones from the Autumnal images on the front to the, Leaf embossed lids, to the copper tones and the scent names themselves are also very similar to some in the Bath and Body Works range. The only visual difference I can see between the B&M candles and the Bath & Body Works ones is that the B&M ones only have 2 wicks where as the Bath and Body Works ones have 3 wicks.

Overall I would definitely recommend you give these a try as they are so affordable and have probably the biggest autumn scent range Ive seen in the UK. Also even if the quality doesn't compare to the Bath and Body Works ones they are way way cheaper that the Bath and Body Works ones which retail at around £20 and the most your paying for these ones is £3.99 so they are great as a cheaper alternative. I personally am still dying to get my hands on some of the Bath and Body Works candles but these are probably the closest we can get to them here in the UK so are worth picking them up if you get the chance. 

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