Leeds Festival 2017 πŸ’›πŸŽΈπŸ–€

Hey Guys!

So last weekend me and a few friends hit up Leeds Festival we ended up just going for the Friday and the Saturday as we couldn't make the Sunday so unfortunately camping was out of the question for us this year. We literally had the most amazing time and will definitely be pitching a tent there next year. We were also actually hella lucky this year as we had hardly any rain and the sun was shining for pretty much the whole two days, which if you live in the UK you will know how much of a blessing that is. 

Our day consisted of seeing loads of amazing bands, getting glittered up, spending way too much money and enjoying the sun. I was over the moon as I actually got to see some of my favorite bands who I have wanted to see forever such as Muse (which can I just say are so so good live like you neeed to see them if you haven't and your into those vibes) but also Two Door Cinema Club who were also a joy to see and I'm pretty much sure there songs were made for jumping around in a field on a summers day so wow what an experience and finally You Me At Six and they we're also perfect and I had been waiting to see them for soooo long I can't. However I also got to see Bastille for a SECOND time like holy cow I'm sooooo happy and if seeing them twice wasn't already enough we somehow managed to get front row and Dan cam right down and held everyone's hand's like omg we held hands with Dan from Bastille like can my Leeds festival experience have even got any better? (Sorry for all the fangirling there lovelies)

I would totally recommend going to Leeds or Reading festival if you get the chance as they always have killer line ups and it’s such a fun experience. I’m now going to end this post with some snaps from my time there. 

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(Sorry about the photo layout I'm still rubbish at the formatting)

Festival Makeup Look 2017

Hey Guys!

I'm soon to be slipping in to my wellies and heading to Leeds Festival, So in light of this I thought why not get out the glitter and have a go at some festival inspired make up looks. After many failed attempts and getting glitter absolutely everywhere I finally managed to put together something that I liked and thought I'd share the look with you guys.  

Here's a few snaps of the look...

Products I used:  





Glitter & Extra's :

Hope you enjoyed the post and maybe this may have inspired some of you to get out the glitter and play around with some festival makeup looks yourselves. However that's all from me for now but look out for a Leeds Festival post very soon my lovelies!


Summer Room Tour 2017 πŸŒΊπŸ’š

Hey Guys! 

So todays post is all about my happy place which is my home! More specifically my bedroom, I love to change up my room every now and again and add cute little touches that match the current season. Therefore I am going to start a little series on my channel where I'll take a few snaps of my bedroom and put them in to a post here on Lifewithbee for every season. First up in this new series is summer so here is my summer 2017 room tour.

Hope you enjoyed having a little look around my room, I can not wait to be back with my Autumn room tour as things will be getting hella cozy in here!

See you soon!

What's In My Bag? - Airport Edition

 Hey Guys! 

I recently went on holiday at the end of July as you may have seen as I did a little post about it here on Lifewithbee, so today I thought I'd do a post on what I took in my airport carry-on bag. I love reading other peoples 'What's in my bag?' posts as I find them so interesting to read. This inspired me to make my own. I plan on doing a few of these What’s in my Bag? Posts in the future for thing such as my gym bag or everyday bag but seen as I've just been on holiday I thought my Airport bag would be a good place to start. 

First up let's talk about the bag itself, I took this cute black backpack to the airport with me which I found in a shop called 'Select' and can I just say it was an absolute steal as it was literally £13.00 which is a crazy price for a bag this lovely. I love backpacks in general but I think there especially great for the airport as you can have your hands free which can be helpful when your dragging a suitcase around and spending all your cash in duty free. It also has lots of room for all my things so that’s a massive bonus. Inside this I also took my purse which is still one of my favorite things in the world and is featured on my 'Current Fashion Faves Post' if you want more info about this little guy. I also take a pair of sunglasses in my airport bag so when you arrive your ready for the sun but also their great if you’re not looking your best and your wanting to hide your face from the world.

Next up is your passport and boarding passes these are obviously hella important if you actually want to get on your holiday. Also a few basic bits such as some hair clips and a notebook.

The next things in my airport bag are my Phone and my 3DS. These are great for entertainment when waiting around in airports or on the plane. Also my earphones so I can listen to music or watch tv on the plane.

Finally I have a few beauty bits which are great for travelling as they can all go in your carry on and can help you out when you feel a little gross. First up I take a few lip balms as they are great for keeping your lips soft and due to the nasty plane air and the sun on holiday these guys can come in very useful. The ones I have are a babylips one and a yummy pineapple one which I got from Avon. Then I throw in a perfume roll on duo which I got from Vitoria’s secret and it smells amazing. I also chuck a hand sanitizer in my bag as you never know when you might need one and there great for getting rid of all the grossness and germs that comes with planes and airports this is also pineapple scented and I got mine in Peacocks. The last few things I have in my airport bag are a few makeup bits incase I need a little pick me up. The makeup bits I included were my lasting perfection concealer, My Mac Velvet Teddy lippy, one of the NYX lingerie liquid lipsticks which I love so much and a little two faced mascara mini. 

Hope you enjoyed this post and are looking forward to future What's in my Bag?' posts.