Top 5 Tanning Products

Hey Guys! Summer is officially here, well in terms of the seasons I cant promise that the lovely English weather will agree. However it has surprisingly been very sunny at the moment as were having some form of mini heatwave here in the UK and its got me feeling those summer vibes. Although I have naturally very fair skin which unfortunately for me it means I can sit in the sun all i want however the only difference I'm going to see is redness and then not long after ill be back to my pale self again. This is where these beauty's come in I mean I really owe it to the person who created self tan as they are a life saver and due to these little guys I can finally get the bronzed glow Ive been dreaming of.

First up is this gradual tanner by Garnier, I love this one because you have full control on how dark or light you want your tan. As it is a gradual tanner you simply apply this as a moisturiser and the more you apply the darker your tan will be. It also has a apricot scent which is nice as it doesn't smell like your typical self tan. The only negatives I have of this one is that there is no guide colour so application isn't the easiest however as it is gradual tan it isn't too bad as it doesn't go to dark and is very buildable. Also as the formulation is more like a moisturiser it can take a while to sink in to your skin which isn't great if your pushed for time but it not just a bad thing as this also means its hella hydrating for your skin!

Next Up is Dove's summer glow nourishing lotion, This one like the last is also a moisturiser with gradual tanner in it. I personally prefer this gradual tan to the garnier one as it soaks in to the skin just that little bit quicker I also prefer the colour of the tan in this one. This product is an amazing moisturiser and can easily be built up to create a lovely olive-toned tan. The scent isn't too bad it kind of just smells like your average moisturiser, so no weird biscuit smell with this one. Its great if you want to have control of you colour and have some time to work on your tan.

The next tan in my top five is the Bondi Sands Everyday Liquid Gold Gradual Tanning Dry Oil. The main reason I bought this guywas for my holiday as your girls been blessed with the fairest skin possible, so I'm getting a spray tan before I go (Ya know the whole If you cant make it fake it thing) and wanted something to top up my tan whilst I'm out away. I think this will be perfect for this as because its a dry oil it doesn't leave you sticky for ages after application and Its also a lot less dense than a moisturiser. The product has an amazing coconut scent and the colour of the tan is gorgeous. This one can be built up to create a lovely tan on its own or is amazing if you already have tan on and just want to give your tan a little top up. I have heard many good things about Bondi sands as a brand as will be trying the tanning mousse sometime soon.

So runner up is the St Moriz Tanning Mouse. I literally can't believe how good this tan is considering what you pay for it, its mind blowing. I have to say it isn't the best tan in the world but it is soooo reasonably priced and it is still a really good product. The colour is great and with it being a mousse it dries super quickly. Unfortunately you do get that 'fake tan smell' with this one and the tan doesn't seem to last very long on the skin as I find it fades alot when you shower. However if your looking for a cheap tan and are just wanting it for like a night or maybe a weekend I would definitely  recommend this tan.

Finally my top tan is the Freshly Baked London Tanning mousse in the Vanilla Cream scent. GIRL You need this in your life trust me! I can not say a bad thing about this product It smells AMAZING, The colour is perfect, It dries super speedy and It lasts on the skin for quite a while. Freshly Baked London have a whole range of scented tanning mousse from mango to amaretto to baby powder it is so great and I simply want them all. The brand is also cruelty free and they use lots of good ingredients which do wonders for the skin. It also has a guide colour which makes it so easy to apply. I just love love love this brand and there products and would 100% recommend this tan to anyone. You need to try this one out trust me its the perfect tan to get you through the summer months.

Thanks For Reading!