Summer Bucket List 2017

 So It was the first day of summer this week and it got me thinking about how I don't appreciate summer and the opportunities it brings maybe as much as I should. As an Autumn lover who struggles with hayfever I can sometimes find myself wishing the summer months away counting down the days until the leaves start to fall and my eyes stop burning. However this year I have really been hit by the realisation of how fast time flies after getting my first job and working my life away. So I have decided that this year onwards I really want to make the most of my time regardless of the season and just generally have a great time because life's too short to not do the things you love. So in order to make the most of my summer this year Ive put together a little list of things I hope to do during the sunny summer months, well maybe not the sunny part as I am In the UK after all but I guess we can hope the sun will make an appearance.

Travel a Little (Or Hopefully A Lot)
So first up on my summer bucket list is of course Travelling! I mean who doesn't want get out and explore the world a little. I would love to visit lots of new places this summer and make some amazing memories. I'm actually jetting off to Tenerife on Monday (Eeeeeek!) to kick start my travels of 2017 and I literally cant wait, Also I will be putting together a little post about my trip when I'm back so keep your eyes open for than my lovelies.

Go To A Festival
Next of my summer plans is to hit up a festival. I've actually made this possible for myself this year and have booked my Tickets! (Finally!). I'm going to Leeds Festival at the end of August, unfortunately I'm not camping this year as I have a few things going on that weekend, However I will be attending both Friday and Saturday and it should be amazing. I'm so excited to get my glitter on and see all of the amazing acts.

Plenty of Picnics & BBQ's
The one thing that I do love about summer is BBQ's and Picnics. Mainly because they consist of some of my favourite things such as friends, family, food and Pimms Pitchers. So on that note I will hopefully be attending quite a few of these during the summer months.

Blog a Ton
Ive dabbled here and there in blogging over the past few years but I have really got in to it this year and I want to make really make the most of it. Therefore expect plenty of posts throughout the summer and hopefully just from now on in general. I'm so ready for cute summer posts and to blog my heart out this year.

So that's some of the things on my summer bucket list I hope you enjoyed the read.