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January Fresh Starts & New Beginnings 🏁💙

Hey Guys!

January is well and truly here and along with this comes the annual January blues. I know this is pretty common for a lot of people and it is something that personally gets me every year, the come down from the Christmas period leaves me feeling deflated and unmotivated. However, January is the best time to be productive as it is a fresh start and a new beginning. So I thought for today's post I would share a little list of things that help me get through any down patches in January and keep motivation high.

1) Deep Clean

Something I find helps me feel motivated is having a clean and tidy environment around me. So I find having a big tidy / clean in January really helps put me in a productive mind set. Is also the perfect time to have a clear out and a fresh start for the new year.

2) Set Goals

Next I think setting some goals for the year is the perfect thing to do at the start of a new year as it gives you something to work towards and knowing you are working towards a goal will also help to keep you motivated. I think setting goals is also so fun as you can literally pick anything you want and it so exciting to think you will have done those things by the end of the year. 

3) Focus on What Makes You Happy
 I think this one is deffo not just for January but is so important all year round. DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY! Again this is just so vital for feeling happy and motivated. This could be anything but some examples for me is seeing my friends and family, blogging and booking days out or trips so I have things to look forward too.

4) Get Inspired

Another way of getting out of a 'rut' unmotivated mind set is to look for inspiration in people you look up too or enjoy. This could be anyone from a blogger you love or a fitness youtuber or even just watching people who are sharing positive vibes to help you cheer yourself up. I think this really helps to cheer you up and get you going again.

5) Plan your year

Finally the last thing on my list is planning. I love getting a new planner every year as this is just something I get very excited about. I love being organised and feel as though I am a million times more productive when I have my weeks and months planned. Its also a chance to be creative and make your planner pretty and personal to you. TK Maxx have some amazing planners and would totally recommend checking them out if you want to get one.

So that's all for my list of things I use to give myself a little kick up the butt when the downs of January start to get to me. Overall I do love January I think its a good starting point for you to just start smashing the goals which you have wanted to do for while but not really known when to start.  So I hope you enjoyed reading and that it may help anyone else who might find themselves feeling a little deflated in this month.

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My Top Beauty Picks of 2018 💕

Hey Guys!

For today's post I thought I would share with you guys some of my favourite beauty products from 2018. I loved a lot of products last year some were new things other which have been my holy grails for a while. Nether the less here's my top beauty picks from 2018. 


This tanning mousse is AMAZING! So much so that I did a whole post on it which you can find here. I have loved everything about the brand and the product for a while now it is the only tan I will now use. Trust me I have tried everything to St tropez, to Bondi Sands and I am always coming back to this little gem. It is scented so no more weird tan smell and it is just the best formula I have tried. It's full of good stuff for your skin and its vegan and cruelty free. If you haven't already tried one of the freshly baked London tanning mousse then I would really recommend it.


I used to swear by the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in trooper until I tried the Epic Ink liner by NYX. This was one of the recent discoveries I made last year and it is soooo good. If you love the Kat Von D liner you will love this it is exactly the same but like half the price! This has been my new go to liner and will most likely be for a long time. It is also cruelty free!


Again this was a new one I discovered last year and I am so glad I did. This concealer is £2.50 I REPEAT £2.50! What the hell right? Not only is this concealer crazy affordable but it is stunning the coverage is great but it doesn't feel heavy on the skin and it is again cruelty free. I love this and this product is again another nee staple in my makeup bag. 


The next product I want to talk about is the ordinary coverage foundation. I have always been one of them people who simply just struggles to find the perfect foundation they love until I came across this little guy on beauty bay it had pretty good reviews, was again crazy affordable and was cruelty free so I thought I would give it a whirl and boy was I in for a shock. This foundation is honestly PERFECT. It is full coverage which I love as I'm a bit of an all or nothing type of gal when it comes to makeup but oh boy do I mean FULL coverage like your not seeing anything under this. It has such a lovely finish doesn't look too dry but also sits pretty well on my oily patches. The shade range is great and it doesn't crease or feel heavy on the skin, which is a miracle considering the coverage you get with this product. I love it .


I got this as a gift for my birthday from one of my best pals and WOW! This product blew my expectations out the park, I wanted it for a while as they did sell out quite a few times and I can completely understand why the quality of these eye shadows is insane! It is also £25 for 42 shades like are you kidding me? The shimmers are heavenly and the Origin palette is packed with warm tones which is perfect. This has hands down been what I  have been reaching for ever since I have had it and I know I have said this a million times but I love it so much. Again its cruelty free and vegan as well which is perfect.


I love the liquid lipsticks by Kat Von D beauty I have quite a few in my collection and they are deffo an oldie but a goodie for me. I have loved them for years but in 2018 I especially loved the shades Ludwig and Plaith. The formula is great, they last really well and don't dry my lips out.


This was again another new product I tried in 2018 after going in to The Body Shop looking for a new cleanser. The lovely lady recommended this and I love it! It gets all makeup off my face but is super gentle on the skin. 

That's all for my top products of last year, I hoped you enjoyed the read. I would love to know what products you discovered last year that you now love.

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2019 GOALS! ✨

Hey Guys!

So it's officially 2019! I am so excited to see what the new year brings and I hope you all had an amazing 2018. For today's post I thought I would share with you my goals for the new year and the things I hope to achieve in 2019. 

1) Savings 

My first goal is pretty simple I spent most my savings last year on my driving lessons so this year I would like to start saving again to eventually be able to afford my own house and move out. I understand how expensive this is and that it will take time so I am in no major rush but I would just like to properly start saving for my future.

2) Health & Fitness Goals

I feel like this goal needs no explanation as I'm sure it will be on nearly everyone 2019 goal list but I always slack when it comes to the gym and being healthy when the end of the year comes around so I would love to jump back in to the gym and get back on track to achieve my fitness goals.

3) Blogging

I have also been neglecting my blog quite a bit and so this year I would really love to put a lot more time and effort in to it and hopefully be blogging more consistently all year round. I also need to be a little more active on my socials and would love to just generally grow my blog in 2019.
4) Family & Friends 

This goal is a super important one for me as I get so caught up with daily life that sometimes I find it hard to make time to see my loved ones as much as I would like. So in 2019 I would really love to focus on the relationships I have in my life and ensure they all get the time they deserve.
5) Work Work Work
My next goal is completely work related I have bounced around a few jobs now and I am at a point where I just want to find a job that really works for me that I can grow and progress in. Therefore I would love to start a new job in 2019 which I can settle in to and hopefully develop a career out of.
6) Self Care 

Next up is self care, by this I mean that I would like to make a little more effort with my appearance in 2019. Just little things like getting my nails done and maintaining my eyebrows make me feel so much better about myself so doing that is something I want to try and keep up with. I also want to continue to experiment with makeup and hopefully get a lot better at it.
7) Things I Want To Buy

Finally my last goal for the new year is to hopefully buy a car. I have been working so hard on my driving in 2018 and I have my test a the end of this month so I would love to be able to get a car. I have also been wanting a tattoo for the longest time so I would love to get this in the new year as well. 

So that's all my goals for 2019 I hope you enjoyed reading about them, I would love to know if you guys have set any goals for the new year so please let me know if you have. I hope 2019 brings many amazing things. 

Thanks for Reading!

My 2018 - A Look Back on Last Year 🎉

Hey Guys!
So another year has passed and 2019 is here! I thought for today's post I would have a little look back on the past year and share some of my highlights from 2018 with you, I did this last year and I still love looking back on this post now so I thought I would do it again this year. 2018 wasn't the best year I've ever had if I'm honest and I'm pretty happy to see the end of it however I did have some amazing times as well as the crappy ones so I thought now would be the perfect time to look back on them and share them on here. 

I celebrated Chinese New Year for the first time with my friends and had the most amazing time. 

We made Pancakes on Pancake day and they actually turned out pretty good. 

I went on a ton of nights out with great people.

I went on holiday with my Family and boyfriend to Mallorca and again had a lovely time.

We actually had some sun in the UK for once so this meant for some really fun summer days.

I headed back to Leeds Festival for my third year and got to see some of my favourite bands.  

Halloween was great as always! We headed to pick pumpkins and I had a Halloween games night over at my house. 

I had my 21st Birthday which was so much fun, Then along came December. In December I had a brilliant Christmas, went to Christmas markets and to watch one of my best friends Emilys show with my other closest pals which was amazing and it got us feeling so festive and we were soooo proud of her for doing it. 

Overall I have some great memories from 2018 and even though it may not have been the best year I am so happy with how its ending. I started my driving lessons and completed a lot of the goals I had for last year. I am looking forward to what 2019 will bring and hope for it to be a really great year. 

Thanks for Reading!

Cosy Night In Essentials ☕🎅

Hey Guys!

As the colder days and dark evenings are now upon us I find that there's nothing better than a cosy night in snuggled up in blankets. As this is how I have been spending most of my evenings I thought I would share with you guys a list of my essential items to have the ultimate cosy night in.I also thought this would the perfect post  as it truly is the season for a cosy night in.

1) Pillows & Blankets and Lot's of them
So first up in the line up for the dream cosy night in is pillows and blankets. There is nothing better than snuggling up with a fluffy throw and a bunch of pillows after a long day. So these  are most definitely an essential.

2) A Favoured Hot Beverage 
A hot beverage is also great for making you feel toasty warm but is also a delicious treat. This could be anything from a good old brew to a fancy hot chocolate.

3) Cosy PJ's 
Some comfy pyjamas are also a must, being comfortable is essential so of course slipping in to your fave pj's will achieve ultimate comfort and help you enter chill mode. 

4) Candles & Fairy Lights 
Scented candles and pretty fairy lights are an amazing way of creating that cosy atmosphere and the scented candles will also leave your house smelling delightful.

5) Netflix or A Movie 
Now comes to the entertainment, I love a Christmas movie as this creates immediate cosy vibes for me personally however depending on the time of year you are reading this that may not be totally acceptable so in that case you could always watch your fave movie or binge some Netflix.

6) A Good Old Lush Bath
A cosy night in for me just isn't complete until I have had a little soak in a Lush bath. Any bath will do but for me nothing compares to Lush especially in the Autumn Winter months. 

7) All the Snacks 
Grab a bunch of your fave snacks to graze on whilst watching your chosen TV show or movie.  

So that's all of my recommendations when it comes to the essentials to have the perfect cosy night in, I would love to know how you guys prepare for a cosy night in after a long day in the cold so do let me know below. 

Thanks For Reading!