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Current Fashion Faves!

Hey Guys!
So today I thought I'd do a little post on some fashion bits I've been loving recently. I've loved these items to death since I've had my hands on them. 

So first up Its my denim jacket. This is hands down my go to jacket for the summer I picked my one up from Forever 21 last summer and I have basically lived in it since. I love that its so effortless and just looks quite edgy. I also love how over sized this jacket is as I feel like it is so comfortable but it looks so cool and put together. I feel like this jacket adds a little something to any outfit and its so easy to style. Its probably my favourite clothing buy of 2016!

Next up are graphic tee's I have loved this trend as I feel they are once again so easy to style and they have such an impact on an outfit. I also love that they can be dressed up or down very easily. I got this gorgeous graphic piece from New Look for about £13 and it is honestly amazing it has a cut out, choker style neck, distressed ripped details and GLITTER! I mean what more could you ask for it is such an amazing shirt. 

Finally my purse now this is genuinely one of the best things I have ever spent my cash on. It is stunning. It is a pearlecent, scalloped mermaid style purse from skinny dip and I honestly don't think there will ever be a purse I love more than this little guy. I picked mine up in the Topshop in York however it is a skinny dip purse so you may be able to find it there. I also picked up a pompom key chain from primark and added it to the zip and I love it. I couldn't actually find the link to this one guys I'm sorry but I'm sure if you have a look around there will be similar ones floating about. 

Thanks For Reading!
Beth x

Ebay Swimwear- Honest Review

Hey Guys!
I've noticed that theres a bit of a trend floating around on the web recently where everyone seems to be buying cheap things from eBay and seeing if there actually any good. Now whilst I was looking through my holiday clothes prepping for when I jet off in July I came across the swimwear items I had bought from eBay last year for my holiday to try out and this made me think I want to share my experience when buying eBay swimwear and what my thoughts were. As I wasn't expecting to post when I bought these items I don't have the links to the exact listings I bought them from so I have done my best to find a similar listing and linked it below but obviously the delivery time, service and product may be slightly different as they are not the sellers I used.

So the first thing I ordered was this lovely one piece. Now this was the main reason I took to eBay for my swimwear as last year when I was off on my holibobs. I knew that we would be heading to a water park so thought a one piece might be the best shout when hitting the slides because lets be honest we all have that annoying fear that our bikini top will fly off down the slide leaving us exposed and embarrassed for the whole park to see. So I thought eBay would be the best place as I didn't think I would wear it too much and it was bound to be the cheapest. I was so surprised when this came it came super fast and the quality was amazing and its actually very similar to one I saw in Topshop. The straps are detachable and the fabric is such a good standard and isn't see through at all. I love the scalloped detailing and the black high waisted effect panel is so flattering. I absolutely love this costume and will be taking it away with me again this year.

This next bikini was actually the most disappointing for me which makes me so sad as the pattern is sooooo cute. However the sizing is just completely off! The bottoms are literally tiny like they do not fit me at all, but the top just baffles me as the cups are the perfect size for me but the top itself is just really wide and is huge and doesn't even stay up on me. the back of this top is also not adjustable so there is no way for me to make this one work. Its really sad though because the quality once again other than the sizing is actually surprisingly good and the pattern is lovely. So on that not I would be very careful with sizing when ordering from eBay.

Pineapple Bikini

Finally this is the last bikini I got, This one you wrap around yourself and tie it at the back. I LOVE this one its really great as both the bottom and top can be adjusted to fit you just right as you just tie them to the tightness that suits you. The quality of this one is also amazing and it just looks so flattering on. I love the wrap around effect as it is something different to all my other bikinis. This was also so affordable as I know I didn't pay over £5 for this one and I just have nothing bad to say about it. It came quickly and the quality is lovely so what more could you want really. I was so so happy with this one.

Thanks for Reading.
Beth :)

Two Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette

So I've had some debenahms vouchers sitting in my purse since Christmas as I've just been so undecided on what to spend them on. However, I've had my eye on this little guy for a while now and have heard some pretty amazing things. So I bit the bullet and decided I would get one for myself. The reason I was hesitant when buying this beauty was that I didn't know if I would use the shades as some of them are quite pink toned and I didn't know if this is something I would like, but boy was I wrong this palette is STUNNING!

This palette is literally the summer palette of dreams. Everything about it screams summer to me from the sweet peachy scent to the gorgeous summer shades inside. I know for a fact this will be my go to for eyeshadow through the summer I will even be taking this on some of my Holidays as it is just perfect for any summer eye look.

The shadows themselves are super bendable and this makes them super easy to use, you also only need the tiniest bit of product on your brush because these shadows are packed with pigment. One of the main things that I love about this palette is that once it is open your entire room smells like peaches. I also love how differ to my first thoughts these shades are so wearable and can be used to create both everyday looks and looks that are a lot more glam. The packaging is also great as it is in a tin meaning it is so much easier to keep clean and does a smashing job of protecting the shadows.

Overall I would 100% recommend the two faced sweet peach palette to anyone. It is a gorgeous piece to add to your make up collection. Two faced is one of my favourite brands as it is cruelty free and this is something that I look for when buying products and I think is fab when brands support it too, as a brand there products are always made to an amazing standard and I am never disappointed. The Sweet Peach Palette is so versatile and a great staple for summer. I would say that my favourite shades from the palette would be 'Lucious', 'Peach Pit' and 'Cobbler'.

Hope you enjoyed reading the post!
(Also sorry the photos look a little oddly placed at the end the formatting wasn't playing)
Beth x

Fashion Finds~ Primark Nails

So I was having a little wander around Primark to check out there new summer bits and to pick up some basics and I stumbled across a stand covered with nails. I wasn't too sure on trying these at first as I had never bought anything like this from primark before but boy was I suprised when I tried these out so I had to do a post on these little gems. 

First of all can I just say that the range of different styles, pattrens, colours and effects is crazy huge which is pretty amazing but makes it so hard to choose. I went for three different effects as I wanted to try a few different types so I went for the 'Soft Smoke' nails from the matte range, 'Galactic' from the Chrome colllection and 'Poison' from the basic range. 

I have now tried all of these nails and they are amazing they last on your nails really well, are super easy to file down and shape if the length isn't for you and they look amazing. Also can I just say the price is ridiculous like these nails were ONE TO TWO POUNDS!!! I honestly would totally recommend these nails to anyone they are so worth the money even if you just wear them for a weekend. So I'll end this post with a few photos. 



Beth x

Gym Chat - What Keeps Me Motivated?

When 2017 came along I decided that this will be the year I will kick myself in the butt and make a real effort to improve my fitness and health and actually stick to it this year (Hopefully) Therefore I decided to hit up my local gym and I’m proud to say I'm still hitting the gym three times a week and actually enjoying it (Well Sometimes). I’ve developed a kind of love hate relationship with the gym however I’m working on staying motivated and learning to love working out again. So I thought I'd do a little post on what keeps me going when it comes to the gym. 

1) Plan Those Workouts 

So first things first and this is probably one of the most important things for me personally is to plan your work out before you get to the gym. This may sound simple but there’s nothing worse than getting to the gym and having no idea what you’re going to do as you will end up wandering the gym contemplating what you could do when you should be smashing your workout already. So I usually just write up a quick list in the notes on my phone on what I want to do on each of my gym days. This helps me know what I need to do when I get to the gym and this way I know I’m making the most of my time in the gym which is going to get me the best results in the long run. It's also super important to mix it up a bit and make sure you’re not doing the same routine all the time as this can lead to you getting bored plus trying out new routines and exercises can be fun and is something to look forward too when you get to the gym. So overall pre-planning your workouts is going to help you get the best results and also keep you super pumped for the gym.

2) New Gym Clothes! 

Right guys I know that this one sounds super materialistic but getting some new gym clothes is a really good motivator to get you in that gym. If you have new clothes that you feel hella good in then your simply going to want to wear them now as there gym clothes the best place to wear them is the gym meaning that you’re going to want to be in the gym more using your shiny new active wear.  I appreciate that not everyone will have the money to just buy a new outfit every time they need a little motivation and I’m not saying I recommend this as a consistent fix but there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to some new active wear to boost your spirit every now and again that’s all.  

3) Buddy Up!

This is 100% what motivates me to get my butt to the gym the most; I can’t recommend getting a gym buddy enough. There are sooo many positives from gymming with your friend such as not only are you getting a catch up but your also smashing your fitness goals at the same time and also having a friend at the gym to workout with is also amazing for partner workouts which you can do together but also you can motivate each other to keep going and push yourselves. If all this wasn’t enough I feel having someone to go to the gym with also motivates me to go as I feel as though I’m letting someone down If I don’t go as if it was just me I guarantee I wouldn’t be going as frequently as I am now but I hate the thought of letting someone down so it keeps me going to the gym and not making excuses for myself as to why I can’t go.

4) Track your Progress.

Another way I keep myself wanting to workout is by tracking my progress, now by this I don’t mean simply jumping on the scale and writing down a number as honestly since I’ve joined the gym my weight has been all over the place as you will put on weight, lose weight and everyone’s body deals with this differently. So the way I track my progress is by taking a progress picture every month and compare them as the months go on. Honestly I think this is the best way to see your progress as this way it’s more than just a number and there’s so much more to take in to account. You can see which parts of your body you are less confidant with and watch them to see the change and it’s just a healthier way of tracking your progress without beating yourself up over a number on a scale.

5) Reward Yo'self!

Finally it is so important to reward yourself, if you’ve been hitting up the gym all week and working hella hard then of course you deserve a treat. Now this can be anything from food clothes, makeup or just whatever you love. I tend to mix it up a bit and if I feel as though I’ve worked extra hard I will treat myself to a cheat meal or a new pair of gym leggings. All I would say is if you favoring the food treats just remember that moderation is key as long as you keep your diet as balanced as possible there shouldn’t really be too many restrictions as this is just going to bring you down if anything instead of bringing you up. So in this case just make sure you balance out your food intake and you should be all good!

I think thats everything so I hope this post helped if your struggling with motivation and I know I will look back at this when I hit a bit of a go slow with my workouts.

Beth x